Hip-Hop | Sammy Adams – All Night Longer (Remix) ft. B.o.B

Posted by on June 23, 2014

Released just moments ago, RCA’s Sammy Adams continue to pick up steam with his new “All Night Longer” remix featuring B.O.B. Building on the success of his recent “WIZZY” mixtape, B.O.B. delivers a memorable verse that’s nothing short of fire flames. Produced by Mike Caren, “All Night Longer” is one of those songs that makes its way into your ears and doesn’t leave until you’ve listened to it no less than 100 times. Be sure to purchase the official “All Night Longer” remix that’s available on iTunes now.

Purchase: Sammy Adams – All Night Longer (Remix) ft. B.o.B

Hip-Hop | Sammy Adams – WIZZY (Mixtape)

Posted by on June 2, 2014

WIZZY - JayCeeOh Presents Wizzy is more a free album than a mixtape. The music on WIZZY goes back to the basics. The songs tell stories and really get back to my true roots and storytelling ways over hip hop and rap productions. WIZZY is the name/nickname I had in college and used before I ever switched to “Sam Adams.” Call it a return, call it whatever you want, just listen first. ITS ME. The music itself is made of a beast mode team of producers that were incredible to work with. BIG SHOUTS to VINYLZ, OCKF, Statik Selektah, Scram Jones, Supa Dups, Jaylien Wesley, and DEM JOINTZ. WIZZY BACK! –SA

Hip-Hop | Sammy Adams – You & Me

Posted by on May 6, 2014

“Dues yeah I’m paid up / dudes need to wake up.”

Returning to what made him great, Sammy goes in over Disclosure’s mega “You & Me” smash that’s reminiscent of his earliest work. Rapping, “Wizzy back, had a chance I’m yelling give me that, I can feel the summer approaching while you still skinny fat” Sammy floats effortlessly over the track with hungry bars and lyrical wit. Some might stipulate that Sammy Adams is officially back. I’d argue he never left. Sammy Adams. You & Me. Fire flames. Hat tip to the incomparable Val Pensa at RCA.


Albums, Hip-Hop | Sammy Adams – Homecoming EP

Posted by on November 20, 2013

Sammy Adams - Homecoming EP Art

Yesterday Sammy Adams released his long-awaited Homecoming EP. Immediately shooting to #3 on the iTunes hip-hop charts and #8 overall, and climbing. Out of the 6 tracks on the EP there is one for everybody, from party songs to the ones for the ladies. Although Sammy has yet to announce plans for a full length release, this should hold you over for now. Stream the full album below and purchase it on iTunes!

PURCHASE: Sammy Adams – Homecoming EP [iTunes]


Pop, Videos | Marry Me, Niykee Heaton.

Posted by on July 25, 2013

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”njjRIkwnJYU”/]

Dear Niykee,

Please consider this my formal blogposal.  I’m not sure what planet you came from or what your parents did to birth such an Alpha angel, but you’re here now.  Don’t pay mind to the fact you weren’t even born and I was already crushing pogs with my gold plated slammer while eating lunchables like a king.  Or to the fact that I didn’t get my first cell phone ’til I was your age (today).  Yeah, it was that long ago.  Or to the fact that your clothing style is now retro to me because I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s and WE invented swag.  Or to the fact I was alive for Tupac’s reign.  Bottom line is, I’m open to the idea of twerking.  I have a cell phone now, an iPhone 4s in fact.  I’ve also got a walkman, a cassette player, a VCR, a floppy disk, and one of the first mp3 players if you ever want a history lesson.  We can make it work., I promise.

If and when you read this, kindly send me your acceptance via Snapchat (@Grube) or Vine (@Grubeats).



P.S.  I’ll throw my 401k on a Niykee vs. Miley twerk off, any day of the week.

Oh yeah, for those of you who want the download for this #CrackTrack song, don’t forget to cop that free here, and follow my wifey on TwitterYoutube, & Facebook.

Hip-Hop | Taylor Swift ft. Sammy Adams – I Knew You Were Trouble (Remix)

Posted by on November 12, 2012

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Sammy recently dropped this JayCeeOh remixed version of Taylor Swift’s, “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Listening to the lyrics, it seems as if this could be an ode from Sammy to the young country superstar. Move over Conor Kennedy, Taylor’s too much for you.

Hip-Hop, Pop, Videos | Sammy Adams – All Night Longer [Music Video]

Posted by on August 20, 2012

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Catering to his loyal night owls, Sammy heads to the local dive bar to rage with his boys and a few foxy female friends who provide a visual treatment for his newest ear candy sing along, “All Night Longer”.  Sam has a knack for brewing up catchy hooks and this just may be one of his best to date.  While “Only One” is still ringing heavily on the airwaves and his recent pre-album mixtape, OK COOL, is blasting out students iPods, Boston’s Boy appears to have yet another radio smasher.  The fun, lighthearted, party video is supplemented by creative and humorous artistic animations that do anything but discourage one more shooter.

Did I mention Sam has a collab on deck with one of Europe’s most recognized pop stars, Enrique Iglesias?  True story.

Purchase on iTunes: Sammy Adams – All Night Longer