Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | M. Will The Shogun- Northern Lights Mixtape

Posted by on July 31, 2011

M. Will The Shogun’s new album. No, he’s not a rapping, but producing and doing a damn good job at it. M. Will the Shogun is, according to rumors, producing Mac Miller’s new album. Can’t wait. Anyways its a lot of trip-hop,a side of etherealness and dope verbal slams. Not a good source for body bangers, but a lot of chill music that’s good to end the night on. It is the musical equal to the cool down of a workout even though it is a hot as hell(and possibly Texas) mixtape. GDPN brings me back to Zion I’s glory days, om nom nom delicious. “Megustas” is just amazingly produced, I honestly cannot get enough of it and its rawness of the lyrics and the vocals. That might be a personal thing. And of course, Whatever, which has been dropped for a couple days is dope as Mac always is. Northern Lights features a mixture of artists including Termanology and NERO.

M.Will the Shogun – Whatever (ft. Mac Miller) by freshnewtracks

M.Will the Shogun – Megustas (ft. Rich Hil) by freshnewtracks

M.Will the Shogun – GDPN (ft. the TreeHouseClub) by freshnewtracks

Hip-Hop | Richard Hilfiger/ Rich Hil

Posted by on September 11, 2010

Rich Hil – Purple Roads n Shit(4 stars) So heres the deal. Rich Hil is Tommy Hilfiger’s son. Word is, he is in rehab right now; understandable if you are making music like this. I feel like I am in a drug induced coma yet pretty intrigued and vibing his unique style (mix of Posner and Cudi?). I have the whole mixtape. Should I put it up?

Videos | June 24th, 2010

Posted by on June 23, 2010

MTV Shows

Here’s the first clip of the Drake “Better Than Good” documentary on MTV. Hit the jump for the rest of the documentary.

What’s Fresh:

Ke$ha- Feels Like Rain (Shout) GIRL FIRE!
Three 6 Mafia ft. Waka Flocka and Project Pat- Keep My Name Out Yo Mouth
Samuel- I <3 NY
David Guetta ft. Will-I-Am- Waving Flag (Mastered)
Rich Hil ft. Carter- Happens Like
Cazzie Jetson- Never Change

Download: Rick Ross ft. Big Boi – SouthernPlayalisticMaybachMusic (Mixtape)



Videos | June 13th, 2009

Posted by on June 13, 2009

Francisco – Spider Web
Wyclef Jean feat. Nick Cannon – Mr. Autotune
Rich Hil feat. KiD CuDi – Girls Sounds Colors
Electrik Red – Freaky Freaky
Teo Moss feat Daniel Shems – Feel Good (Julien Creance Remix)
Antares – Ride On A Meteorite (Locco Lovers Remix)