M. Will The Shogun- Northern Lights Mixtape

Posted by on July 31, 2011

M. Will The Shogun’s new album. No, he’s not a rapping, but producing and doing a damn good job at it. M. Will the Shogun is, according to rumors, producing Mac Miller’s new album. Can’t wait. Anyways its a lot of trip-hop,a side of etherealness and dope verbal slams. Not a good source for body bangers, but a lot of chill music that’s good to end the night on. It is the musical equal to the cool down of a workout even though it is a hot as hell(and possibly Texas) mixtape. GDPN brings me back to Zion I’s glory days, om nom nom delicious. “Megustas” is just amazingly produced, I honestly cannot get enough of it and its rawness of the lyrics and the vocals. That might be a personal thing. And of course, Whatever, which has been dropped for a couple days is dope as Mac always is. Northern Lights features a mixture of artists including Termanology and NERO.

M.Will the Shogun – Whatever (ft. Mac Miller) by freshnewtracks

M.Will the Shogun – Megustas (ft. Rich Hil) by freshnewtracks

M.Will the Shogun – GDPN (ft. the TreeHouseClub) by freshnewtracks

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