Moombahton | Making Movies – Lo Que Quiero (Secret Sauce Remix)

Posted by on January 18, 2014


Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been digging a lot of the more popular genre choices by artists today. With that in mind though, there are a lot of styles I really wish would make a comeback – especially Moombahton. Hot out of the studio with a remix of Making Movies’ “Lo Que Quiero,” the homies over at Secret Sauce have begun their own quest in raising the Dave Nada-inspired sound from the dead; and they seem to have done a pretty damn good job, knocking out a chilled track with clean reggaeton vibes. Shout out to our friends at Do Androids Dance for snagging the exclusive on this one – looks like we missed out.

Indie, Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – Ungrateful Eyes

Posted by on September 10, 2013

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After teasing us with a ridiculous in-studio video, Long Island swiss army up and comer, Jon Bellion shares the first single off his sophomore album set to drop later this fall.  After setting the bar high with his debut effort, Translations Through Speakers, the indie pop star looks to continue escalating into the big leagues.  Producing, writing, and recording himself, there’s no question marks looming over JB’s talent – the kid really can do it all.

“Ungrateful Eyes” is the next step in his journey.  “I made a hundred grand this year, clap clap, so what” personifies what Jon is all about. He’s in it for the music, and we all have a reason to be excited for that.  Daps to GRVTY for putting together yet another unreal set of visuals.  Visionary.

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Hip-Hop, Videos | QuESt – NEATO Season

Posted by on August 13, 2013

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“What up to VMG, ya bish?” – QuESt

If you’ve been following Logic, the VMG movement, and the openers on the tour, you may have become familiar with Miami, FL rhymer, QuESt.  QuESt is by no means a new artist to FNT, but he’s been diagnosed with “the skill” and will be the next artist to receive the “VMG treatment”.

QuESt has been patiently waiting behind the scenes, working, learning, anticipating his first move with the independent label that recently birthed Logic, Jon Bellion, 6ix, and GRVTY.  Returning with his first video single, “NEATO Season” over Childish Gambino’s “Unnecessary”, Q carries his newly acquired torch as he sets forth on his new episode, spitting flaming metaphors and bars packed with intellect.  NEATO; wondering what it is?  Never Ever Allow The Obscene.  The movement QuESt stands behind, the movement you will soon be following (if you aren’t already).  Enjoy this video and stay on your toes for much more to come from the next up.

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Hip-Hop, Videos | QuESt – The Fear [Music Video]

Posted by on November 10, 2012

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Staying consistent with his releases, QuESt brings us his newest piece of visual work, “The Fear” directed by YUNG Cristian B.  The video represents QuESt’s vision as he works to overcome his fears by embracing them.  By the time it’s said and done, we may just have a video to correspond with every track off his last mixtape, Fear Not Failure.  New music coming early 2013. 

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Hip-Hop, Videos | QuESt – Angels & Demons

Posted by on October 4, 2012

Donald Glover may have made this beat famous with “Freaks & Geeks”, but QuESt just did one hell of a job playing the role.  Consider this a floating freebie until QuESt’s next project, which will likely thrill you in early spring , ’13.

“I wrote this song as a prelude to what I’m creating next. We all have angels and demons in our lives, sometimes it’s just harder to figure out who’s who.” – QuESt

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Hip-Hop, Videos | QuESt – One Way [Music Video]

Posted by on September 14, 2012

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With yet another visual treatment to accompany “One Way” off his Fear Not Failure mixtape, QuESt is gaining confidence with each release and it’s clear that is translating to more emotion and personality behind the camera.  The depth in QuESt’s lyrics is astounding.  This is by far the best video I’ve seen to date from the slept on Miami star.  With the stars in his reach, I wouldn’t be surprised to see QuESt grasping the world in his hands without conforming to one way.

“It is our light, not the darkness, that frightens us”

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Hip-Hop, Videos | QuESt – Chase to Nowhere [Music Video]

Posted by on August 12, 2012

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The young Miami rhymes-man delivers an introspective visual treatment for “Chase To Nowhere”, which was featured on his most recent mixtape, Fear Not Failure.  Recognizing at times his trip may be disgruntling and appear as a chase to nowhere, these are the cards he was dealt and no matter what adversity he faces, music is his destiny.  QuESt has once again proves his consistency with another strong representation of his powerful lyrical ability after delivering another promising video for “I Go, You Go” less than one month ago.

DOWNLOAD: QuESt – Fear Not Failure [Mixtape]

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