Freestyle, Pop, Videos | Timesflies Tuesday: Summer Girls

Posted by on June 13, 2012

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”agsFMqu9IGY”/]

Nobody else can spin an old track like Timeflies can.  Week after week they’ve been digging through their itunes vault sampling and remixing some of my favorite childhood/teenage tracks.  This week they bring it way back and cover Lyte Funky Ones’ (LFO) one hit wonder, “Summer Girls”.  The sad truth is that some of you didn’t even know how to read when this fruity pop/rap record ascended up the Billboard charts back in ’99.  Juvenile rhymes and catchy hooks landed LFO with one of the catchiest tracks of the decade.  I will say I loved it back in the day, but Cal’s added free verse makes this much more bearable as a recycled classic.

P.S. How ’bout that concert footage of Timeflies rocking that enormous crowd?  Impressive.