Chill | SAKIMA Creates New Chill Sound “All Your Secrets” That’s Hard Not To Love

Posted by on November 10, 2016

If you love Moving castle, you will love what SAKIMA has thrown together. “All Your Secrets” takes forward thinking, chill-meets-r&b music, and smashes it together with some vocals that completely satisfies. Let’s just say SAKIMA in now on my radar. The flow and smoothness on this one is truly undeniable.

One element that impresses me is that SAKIMA has, in fact, worked with AOBeats, a Moving Castle founding member and a rising start within the niche (and beyond,) before releasing this single. Point being, this dude has undiscovered talent waiting to be harnessed and noticed.

The label, Manifesto, is a perfect fit for the sound, carrying signature musical elements within that I could easily see dance music lovers latching onto. Manifeso, SAKIMA, and “All Your Secrets” clearly pair together well. Click on the Sc link above for more info.

Indie | photocomfort Delivers A Stellar Debut Original “No Love”

Posted by on July 17, 2015

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As dance music slowly crosses over into the mainstream, we’ve started to see talented producers take their music in different creative directions outside of the box, and the results have been splendid. Genres that people previously thought could never fit together meshed and turned into more unique, niche sub-genres of dance music, and this sonic experimentation has only led to the emergence of new styles of music. Indie rock artists used to stay away from electronic music, but a few brave souls found a way to combine indie rock with electronic textures to great success, and now, indie-electronica is a steadily rising genre in dance music with plenty of emerging bands like Photocomfort. Hailing from Brighton, MA, the trio of musicians is storming onto the scene with their debut single, “Not Love,” a stellar indie-electronica masterpiece. The soaring croons of the lead vocalist are the perfect complement to the electro-tinged percussion accents and heavy-handed bass strikes. You can stream “Not Love” above.

Electro-House, Melbourne Bounce | TJR ft. Benji Madden – Come Back Down

Posted by on March 7, 2014

TJR featuring Benji Madden - Come Back Down

Melbourne bounce has hit the mainstream of dance music and you can put a lot of the blame or credit on TJR’s shoulders. It is obviously more nuanced than that, but as the sound continues to evolve, TJR’s tracks have been some of the most played in festival sets around the world for the past 12-18 months and it is from a weird, niche genre. His latest sure-fire hit single “Come Back Down” adds male vocals for a bit of a harder rock vibe to the bouncy, agressive bass line that comes with a TJR tune. Expect to hear a lot of this in Miami and beyond.

Beatport: TJR featuring Benji Madden – Come Back Down


Abstract Hip-Hop | Old Greg – Ready or Not

Posted by on October 16, 2013

Not the most popular of all producer’s, and probably as underground as you can get, but I just love his shit too much to not show all you out here searching for some fresh new sounds to listen to. This is his latest riff ‘Ready or Not’ just posted today sampled from Delfonics, but if you go through his sounds, they’re just straight dirty. From ‘1, 2, 3 Kick it’, ‘Bass Pro Shop’, ‘Wub Love’ (my favorite), ‘Midwest is Young and Restless’, and a lot more quick tunes to satisfy your new music niche, Old Greg formally known as Grant Gregory is too talented with his abstract way of going about music to go unnoticed.

Bass | Dotcom – Dumptruck

Posted by on October 7, 2013

Fresh off the twerk movement, Dotcom delivers yet another Miley Cyrus twerk worthy track. Everything from the drum pattern to the drops are completely on par with this niche genre. Turn it up, and twerk, I think?

Albums, Progressive House, Review, Trance | BT – A Song Across Wires (Album Review)

Posted by on August 22, 2013

BT - A Song Across WiresBT is not a producer you can put in a box and say he is trance or ambient or glitch, he is all of those things and so much more, so much more. He is one of the pillars of trance with his album “Ima” back in 1994 that helped shape the trance sound that become what so many love and yearn for today. As a classically trained musician, getting his degree from Berklee College of Music, BT when he isn’t producing some of the most critically acclaimed pieces of electronic music, he is scoring movies like Monsters Inc and Fast & Furious (just the first one). His pieces take you on musical journeys, notably his more ambient stuff, like “This Binary Universe”. He is also a great programmer and computer geek that led him to develop the stutter edit that is being used by everybody, and I mean everybody.

One cannot praise BT enough because he does it the right way, has worked incredibly hard to get where he is today, and did not get it cheap, in one case had to sell his car to finish the full project for “This Binary Universe” (2006). He is also a great guy (we got to sit down with him for an interview, coming soon) and he is brilliant.

His 9th artist album is strong departure from the rest of his material, going strictly for music that is accessible in clubs and festivals. It is interesting to hear his interpretation on modern dance music because of BT’s background in music and his strength in composition. With much of mainstream dance music becoming stale, an innovator like BT trying his hat at a more danceable sound is a relief because you know it will be something new and hopefully inspiring to others.

Beatport | iTunes


House, Preview | Disclosure – F For You (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) [Preview]

Posted by on July 16, 2013


Mark my words: 2013 will go down as the summer of Disclosure. Settle has already taken the blogosphere/world by storm, so it’s not terribly surprising that high profile remixes are beginning to pop up.

With “F For You,” the consummate niche-occupier/genre-defier better known as TEED takes an already great song and ramps it up about seven levels. Where Disclosure’s original is tight, polished, and crisp to a fault, TEED’s is spacey, a bit dark, and hypnotically stripped down. Damn. I might like this more than the original, and I like the original quite a bit. Keep your eyes peeled for a release date — not shocking/almost fitting that this went up without one.