photocomfort Delivers A Stellar Debut Original “No Love”

Posted by on July 17, 2015

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As dance music slowly crosses over into the mainstream, we’ve started to see talented producers take their music in different creative directions outside of the box, and the results have been splendid. Genres that people previously thought could never fit together meshed and turned into more unique, niche sub-genres of dance music, and this sonic experimentation has only led to the emergence of new styles of music. Indie rock artists used to stay away from electronic music, but a few brave souls found a way to combine indie rock with electronic textures to great success, and now, indie-electronica is a steadily rising genre in dance music with plenty of emerging bands like Photocomfort. Hailing from Brighton, MA, the trio of musicians is storming onto the scene with their debut single, “Not Love,” a stellar indie-electronica masterpiece. The soaring croons of the lead vocalist are the perfect complement to the electro-tinged percussion accents and heavy-handed bass strikes. You can stream “Not Love” above.

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