Trap | Toast to 2k15 With Doobious’ Remix Of Pitbull ft Ne-Yo’s “Time Of Our Lives”

Posted by on December 31, 2014

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Here’s a toast to 2015 by Doobious and his trap take on Pitbull ft Ne-Yo’s “Time Of Our Lives.” So here it is, cheers to all of ya’ll, drink something, smoke something, kiss someone, make love, see you later 2014, and what’s up 2k15! Let’s have a ball, be safe tonight, and keep it fresh! This is a must listen!

Pop | Celine Dion, Ne-Yo – Incredible

Posted by on October 28, 2013


A lot of ya’ll might be like “what the fuck?” but don’t lie to yourself, there was a time when you used to be a fan of Celine Dion. USA Today premiered this duet with Ne-Yo this morning, and it sounds like a Rihanna record that didn’t make the album. Either way, Celine Dion still has it, and I’ll always be a fan. The least I could do is support this record, and share it with ya’ll!

iTunes: Celine Dion, Ne-Yo – Incredible

DJ-Set | CFLO – Show Me Some Love 2013 [DJ Mix]

Posted by on February 13, 2013


DJ CFLO continues his love inspired mega-mix tradition right before Valentine’s Day with an action packed 30 minutes of “love” songs. It goes from The Supremes to Mya to The Weeknd to Rihanna & Calvin Harris to Kaskade and back again. Full tracklist is after the jump.

Free Download: CFLO – Show Me Some Love 2013



Mashups | DOSVEC – IX

Posted by on November 13, 2012

“IX” takes a much more chill with a lot of passion combining 9 different elements and seamlessly compacting into one song –

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Featured, Progressive House | Introducing: Vicetone

Posted by on July 26, 2012

I would like to introduce you guys to Vicetone, two 20 year old producers from Groningren in Northern Holland (they just keep on coming). Their productions are flawless with full bodied, top of the line melodies, crisp bass lines and well organized transitions, builds and breaks. They only have 3 productions on their Soundcloud page and they are all must haves — showing that they are only going to release their top of the line work. They use vocals just right, molding them to their deftly crafted melodies. Their most recent remix of Adele’s hit “Someone Like You” exemplifies that with a soft build with agile key play, dancing alongside the vocals. It then moves into a break of a sublime melody with intricate layers and a hard clap. The remixes of Flo Rida’s hit single “Whistle” and Calvin Harris & Ne Yo’s “Let’s Go” continue this trend of well crafted, uplifting melodies and superb bass lines. The full version of the “Whistle” remix can be found on their Soundcloud page. Check all of these out and be on the look out for more tracks from these guys in the future!

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Electro, Mashups | Calvin Harris Ft. Ne-Yo Vs. Erick Decks – World Explode Let’s Go

Posted by on May 28, 2012

Hamburg’s own Erick Decks has been on fire recently, releasing more remixes, bootlegs and his own productions than almost any DJ/producer I know. His latest release is a mashup of Calvin Harris & Ne-Yo’s hit “Let’s Go” and his own “World Explode”. The result is DOPE, Ne-Yo’s lyrics fall perfectly with Deck’s heavy electro synths. Download below and get at Erick Deck’s Soundcloud.
DOWNLOAD: Calvin Harris & Ne-Yo – World Explode, Let’s Go (Erick Decks Private Mashup)

Electro-House | Calvin Harris – Let’s Go (Live City’s T.K.O Knockout Remix)

Posted by on April 30, 2012

Live City have decided to take on the Calvin Harris single with Ne-Yo “Let’s Go” and remixed it in their hard electro style. It keeps the catchy vocals from Ne-Yo, but flips the instrumental almost entirely on its head leaving some of the original intact in the verses, but adding low end electro synths and heavy drops to give the track more energy and bite. This is a nice change of pace for those who wanted a little more from the original mix and the Calvin Harris remix didn’t cut for them.

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