Techno | Kasablanca Returns with “Cronus”

Posted by on November 12, 2021

Making their debut on deadmau5’s mau5trap label, budding techno duo Kasablanca unveil their first of two sonic offerings. “Cronus” is out now, and is packed full of in-your-face synths and 80s analog power. The nostalgic treat is an impressive journey through the years, expertly crafted by Kasablanca themselves. From top to bottom, “Cronus” is the exciting first look at the duos forthcoming two-track release with mau5trap.

Check out “Cronus” below, and make sure to keep your eye on Kasablanca.

Electronic | Lamorn Debuts on mau5trap with “Physical Layer”

Posted by on June 4, 2021

After releasing a slew of official remixes for deadmau5 & Kieza, Judah & The Lion, SHAED & Two Feet, and ATTLAS, an 18-year-old Lamorn excitedly debuts his inaugural mau5trap single. “Physical Layer” is out now via the deadmau5-run imprint, and comes after the boss man himself discovered Lamorn during one of his mau5trap Monday streams. The masked producer says “[Lamorn’s] song ‘Physical Layer’ was so strong I had to ask him to send his session files to make sure it was him. Since then he’s remixed my song with Kiesza ‘Bridged By A Lightwave.’ Excited to welcome him to the mau5trap family and looking forward to much more from him in the near future.”

Electronic | Hyper Fires his “Impact Weapon” on mau5trap

Posted by on May 28, 2021

A dance music visionary with worldwide scope, London-born creative Hyper scores some of the most defining moments in sound. Lending his unique musicianship to the likes of film including Blade Runner 2049, and to viral video game moments such as the Official 2018 E3 Trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, Hyper’s compositions chronicle some of media’s most impactful moments. Finding his rightful home at deadmau5’s highly technical mau5trap label, Hyper makes his long-awaited debut with “Impact Weapon,” the first single from his forthcoming Control EP. “Impact Weapon” is out now.

Inspired by social justice movements in his current home of Seattle, Washington, Hyper details a time of political and racial unrest in “Impact Weapon.” Sourcing actual audio from one of the Black Lives Matter protests in his town, Hyper’s mau5trap debut builds impactful tension, unfurling into a cacophony of industrial synth work. Utilizing foreboding instrumentation to masterfully convey feelings of both unrest and empowerment, Hyper’s “Impact Weapon” is both reflective and introspective, all the while coated in unique industrial dance flair. 

“Impact Weapon” is the first single from Hyper’s forthcoming Control EP, available on Friday, June 11.


Chill | Suniel Fox Drops Phenomenal Remix EP for “Everwide” Featuring David Starfire, NICO LUMINOUS, Oscure, & More

Posted by on February 28, 2020

The original EP Everwide was very much known for embodying themes of rebirth and personal evolution. The success of the EP has inspired a slew of remixes, which Suniel Fox has collected and released in what he calls Everwide (The Remixes).

David Starfire, NICO LUMINOUS, Oscure, Henry Strange, Frank Royal, PNDA, and Bartek all put their take on the enchanting Suniel Fox releases. The re-imagining from so many young talents makes the remix EP more than a keeper.

“To me music is an expression of the collective human experience and it’s essential that the music I create be a part of that collective consciousness. My remix EP was an exercise in vulnerably sharing my personal experience and inviting my friends be a part of that process.”

– Suniel Fox

Electro-House | Andrei Stephen Debuts On Mau5trap With “Some Chords” Remix

Posted by on June 24, 2015

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Remix competitions have always been a fun way to push producers to throw their own unique spin on a track, and help unearth hidden talent, and deadmau5 and Beatport did just that. The outspoken, mau5trap head honcho and Beatport teamed up to host a remix competition for Dillon Francis’ electro-influenced moombah remix of “Some Chords,” and Andrei Stephen delivered a gem. The Toronto-native was able to separate himself from the other entrants with his unique remix that could only be described as fusion between electro and future house. Stephen keeps the iconic chord progressions of the original, while weaving together big, booming bass lines with glitchy synth stabs and a heavy-hitting electro backbone to deliver a stunning product.

deadmau5: Some Chords (Andrei Stephen Remix): Beatport

Electro | Eekkoo – Eekkoo EP

Posted by on December 22, 2013

Eekkoo - Eekkoo EPHailing from Montreal, the Canadian producer releases a three track EP on the only label that seems fit for his music, deadmau5’s mau5trap. Eekkoo provides a wide variety of plucks, piano stabs and distorted synths over a common theme of fat bass lines, creating a hypnotic piece of dance music from start to finish. While it may be considered a bit close to “deadmau5 style”, Eekkoo has his own sound that has earned the praise of the big boss himself.

Beatport: Eekkoo – Eekkoo EP

Electro-House | Feed Me – Death By Robot EP

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Feed Me makes his return to deadmau5’s mau5trap imprint with a 3 track EP “Death By Robot” as he prepares to bring the teeth stateside in a little under 2 weeks. The title track stands out on the EP with its intricately layered melody and delicate key work, all aided by a robotic voice. As one of the tracks premiered during his essential mix back in September, “Dialup Days” gives us the glitchy electro and complex bass lines we see in many Feed Me tracks. “Gravel” also gives us that vintage Feed Me sound with its haunting melody and gritty electro. This is not Feed Me’s most upbeat EP to date, but the quality is there across the board. Check out the dates after the jump for the his teeth tour as it gets started on the 29th in DC. Ticket info here.

Beatport | iTunes