Hyper Fires his “Impact Weapon” on mau5trap

Posted by on May 28, 2021

A dance music visionary with worldwide scope, London-born creative Hyper scores some of the most defining moments in sound. Lending his unique musicianship to the likes of film including Blade Runner 2049, and to viral video game moments such as the Official 2018 E3 Trailer for Cyberpunk 2077, Hyper’s compositions chronicle some of media’s most impactful moments. Finding his rightful home at deadmau5’s highly technical mau5trap label, Hyper makes his long-awaited debut with “Impact Weapon,” the first single from his forthcoming Control EP. “Impact Weapon” is out now.

Inspired by social justice movements in his current home of Seattle, Washington, Hyper details a time of political and racial unrest in “Impact Weapon.” Sourcing actual audio from one of the Black Lives Matter protests in his town, Hyper’s mau5trap debut builds impactful tension, unfurling into a cacophony of industrial synth work. Utilizing foreboding instrumentation to masterfully convey feelings of both unrest and empowerment, Hyper’s “Impact Weapon” is both reflective and introspective, all the while coated in unique industrial dance flair. 

“Impact Weapon” is the first single from Hyper’s forthcoming Control EP, available on Friday, June 11.

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