Indie, Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – Ungrateful Eyes

Posted by on September 10, 2013

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After teasing us with a ridiculous in-studio video, Long Island swiss army up and comer, Jon Bellion shares the first single off his sophomore album set to drop later this fall.  After setting the bar high with his debut effort, Translations Through Speakers, the indie pop star looks to continue escalating into the big leagues.  Producing, writing, and recording himself, there’s no question marks looming over JB’s talent – the kid really can do it all.

“Ungrateful Eyes” is the next step in his journey.  “I made a hundred grand this year, clap clap, so what” personifies what Jon is all about. He’s in it for the music, and we all have a reason to be excited for that.  Daps to GRVTY for putting together yet another unreal set of visuals.  Visionary.

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Pop, Videos | A Look Inside A ‘Beautiful Mind’

Posted by on July 13, 2013

Listen, I don’t blog often anymore and I’m not going to waste your time making the same robot posts you can find on HotNewHipHop or whatever other blog teet you prefer to suck on.  I do however, feel obligated to share nuggets such as this video when I come across them.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jon Bellion, he is an up and coming indie/pop/drop/hop/whatever genre you can classify him in – stud signed to Visionary Music Group who hails from Long Island, NY.  His style is unparalleled.  His creative process is on another planet.  He does it all.  The video above is a snippet of a possible track in consideration for his sophomore album.  One of the wildest productions I’ve heard in some time.  In the words of DJ Rhetorik, “an urban anthem”.  Handclaps and Rhetorik shouts all day.  Djonbellion Unchained.

Since it sounds like this track is on the cusp of making the album, tweet @JonBellion x @DJRhetorik x @GRVTY_ with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Jon Bellion – Translations Through Speakers [Album]


Indie, Pop | Jon Bellion – Dead Man Walking

Posted by on January 22, 2013

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If you’re looking for originality, look no further than Jon Bellion. Following up his previous releases of “Paper Planes” and “LIFE“, the Long Island native has some fun with his newest release, reciting a plot similar to an episode of “My Sisters Hot Friend”. Jon’s organic style is what really stuck out to me in this indie-acoustic jam, written, produced, and performed entirely by Jon himself. Although varying from his two previous releases, Jon once again has shown that necessary x-factor in each video thus far, creating a piece of art like nothing we’re accustomed to seeing. The upcoming project Translations Through Speakers is still slated for a release later this winter.



Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | KURT – Red Carpet Ignorance [Mixtape]

Posted by on January 18, 2013

Four months ago I stumbled across a freestyle over “Next Episode”.  Naturally, I was skeptical of even listening because it’s certainly no walk in the park to bring justice to one of the Doc’s best recipes.  Pleasantly surprised by what I heard, I reached out to Long Island native, KURT with hopes of learning about him and his music.  Describing “Next Episode” as the starting blocks for the next chapter of his story, KURT released this as a promo single for what at that time was his upcoming mixtape, Red Carpet Ignorance.  The feedback was incredible and even KURT himself couldn’t believe the cosigns he was receiving.

KURT transferred the positive energy from his freestyles to his lead single, “No Shame”, which once again garnered some serious attention from local radio DJ’s.  In a recent interview alongside producer WhiteLie, KURT described “No Shame” as a “stripped down banger”, which in a sense was initially made as a joke record.  The rapping-producing duo have been working alongside each other for close to 8 years now diligently building a unified and distinguished sound.

Red Carpet Ignorance was a long time coming, but artistically paints the scene of a young aspiring star walking the red carpet on his premier night.  KURT understands the importance of staying “classy” in the public eye, but also believes celebrating life is also about the occasional asinine or “ignorant” acts.  This mixtape is a culmination of KURT’s premier night.  The first track, “Hallelujah (Intro)” sets the tone for KURT’s journey, as he marches on set with WhiteLie, confidently laying the brick and mortar for the foundation of his throne. RCI features a broad range of sounds, emotions, and energy, but the quality of each individual track is consistent throughout.  Thus far, my personal favorites are “Hallelujah”, “Good Morning Beautiful” which features singer Robbie Nova, “Don’t Need ‘Em” which features an original verse from the O.G. Bun B, “Ignorant Interlude”, and  lastly “City Love Jones”.


Pop, RnB, Videos | Jon Bellion – Paper Planes

Posted by on October 1, 2012

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One thing I enjoy about blogging is venturing into genre’s I wouldn’t typically dabble with. Since I was first introduced to Jon Bellion, I have tried and tried to pinpoint an artist to compare him to. I’m yet to find one. He is too unique.

Long Island native, Jon Bellion prepares for his debut project under his newly inked deal with Visionary Music Group.   After sparking a legitimate amount of buzz with his cover of Drake’s “The Motto“, Bellion returns to the music he was previously accustomed to creating; original compositions.  Written and produced by the 21 year old himself, Jon exercises all of his musical talents, while his distinguished voice is really what shines brightest. Camera work credited to VMG’s own, GRVTY, who follows Jon through the winding wilderness in a slow motion shoot. Stay tuned as Translations Through Speakers  will be dropping free later this fall.
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Cover, Pop, Videos | Jon Bellion – The Motto (Drake Cover)

Posted by on July 2, 2012

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It’s my pleasure to introduce the newest artist represented by Visionary Music Group, Jon Bellion.  At 21, Jon has proven to be a very talented musician, crafting his own art by writing, recording, mixing, and mastering all his own original music.  With blossoming artists Logic and Tayyib Ali on the same roster, the Long Island native will attempt to establish himself in the blogosphere with a distinct pop sound, as his predecessors have done with hip-hop.

Although cover songs are rare for Jon, who typically composes all original material, he decided to spin Drake and Lil Wayne’s crowd pleasing track, “The Motto” in hopes of warming up to the hip-hop heavy blog scene.  While the term “YOLO” may be overworked and overused at this point, Jon brings a refreshing set of vocals to the microphone and transforms this track from a club hit to a very mellow pop cover.  He will be following this introduction video with three completely original singles along with his debut mixtape “Translations Through Speakers”  later this year.

What are the FNT faithful’s initial thoughts about Jon Bellion?

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