Electro-House | Live City – Shot Calla

Posted by on May 21, 2014

Live City - Shot CallaTheir remix for September “Cry For You” was absolute jam, so not to rest on their laurels, Live City, residents of Jam City, are back with another tune. Like their previous efforts on Lift Off & Brooklyn Fire, they get down and dirty with a strong hint of Melbourne. The bounce is coming your way and quickly so hop on board before it runs you over.

Beatport: Live City – Shot Calla

Progressive House | Lift Off #012

Posted by on June 6, 2013

Aside from how to fit a whole banana in my mouth, there are only two things I know. One being there has been some quality releases lately and two being they haven’t been posted. I won’t blame anybody W8 but I figured that this moment is what Lift Off was made for. There is a backlog of tracks that, if they were girls, would be known for their great personalities. That is the philosophy behind Lift Off. It only made sense to revive this series for at least one more instalment. We start off above with a modern rendition of a song that came out when I was just the sexy young age of seven. “By The Way” by The Red Hot Chili Peppers gets brought into 2013.

Free Download:  Red Hot Chili Peppers – By The Way (Herian & Alleston Bootleg)

I wasn’t involved in a long and amazing relationship with this next song but it sure feels like I was. The way it just tears at my heart makes me feel like we’re going through a devastating break up. Whether that’s the impact the lyrics are having on me or I’m just making it up I do not know. What I do know is that I was an open canvas ready to be painted on and this track painted a masterpiece across my naked body.

Yes, the reality of rampant transexuals currently populating Brazil does worry me a bit. They look alright at first glance but by the time you find out it’s just too late. Might as well go through with it at that point. These are issues that Brazil’s Lucas Bojakowski hopefully doesn’t have to face and if he does, we won’t judge him for doing it. He has recently remixed Dirty South’s “Your Heart” beautifully and is giving it away for free.

Not including my parents, I have like 5 friends. Of those 5, about half are girls I don’t actually know but who’s Instagram’s I may have accidentally memorized and occasionally check when it’s time. Jk I don’t do that. That’s creepy. I hold myself to a higher standard than that. It may be okay for other people, mainly Avicii, to make subpar decisions regarding what to play at Ultra and memorizing Instagram’s, but not me. TOER is a name that nobody memorizes because nobody knows who he is. Though if he keeps putting out huge, big room originals like “Knight Lights”, that may change.


Electro-House, Trance | W&W – Thunder

Posted by on May 20, 2013

W&W - Thunder

Arguably the hottest producers right now, their singles “Lift Off” and “The Code“ are still heavily in circulation, while their “This Is What It Feels Like“ remix is the potent remix of choice for Armin van Buuren and many others. Not diverging from their bombastic sound, W&W unleash another massive track that follows much of the same structure and winning formula as “The Code”, providing an unrelenting bass line and thunderous synths.

One can criticize them for sticking to their sound too much or going with a sound that is becoming more and more common, but you have to remember that they helped bring this style to the mainstream and others followed them. Coming up, the gigantic Dutch duo have their collab with Hardwell, which was just recently finished, as well a few IDs on the way.

Beatport: W&W – Thunder


Electro, Progressive House | Lift Off #011

Posted by on April 20, 2013

You know how I said Lift Off would be a weekly thing on the last edition which was a month ago? Yeah I was kidding about that. A couple of things have gone down since the last edition. One being I saw two attractive girls holding hands which was pretty cool, the other being we have decided to end Lift Off. As well as us finding this series no longer necessary, we were also not too happy with the quality of tracks that were going up. I know you’re on the edge of tears regarding the end of this series and for that I don’t apologize because nothing is going to really change. The songs that would normally appear on Lift Off will still be posted, just not on Lift Off and when they actually come out. That’s better isn’t it? There has been a bit of a drought of good, free house music for the past couple of weeks so this should satisfy you for at least a day or so and if not you can at least have solace in the fact that you don’t drive a van.

We start things off with dBerrie who puts his own upbeat spin on Kaskade’s classic “Angel On My Shoulder”.

I’m not a huge fan of Bruno Mars. His songs are generally really sappy and sad I just can’t handle it. Luckily though, NYC based duo Filtercrush has made his “When I Was Your Man” into something worth listening to.

Included in Tjernberg’s two track EP, “Watch Then World End” is a fun and catchy song that could easily be on the radio. It can also be enjoyed while sitting on a public bench and crying.


Electro-House, Progressive House | Lift Off #010

Posted by on March 23, 2013

Many things are changing now that spring is upon us. Girls are going to start wearing more revealing clothing, the weather is going to transition from cold to slightly less cold (I live in Canada), and Lift Off is no longer monthly. From now on, Lift Off will go up weekly on Saturdays, primarily because we didn’t like how the tracks we posted would end up being weeks old. This way, every track that goes up will be no older than a week. It will also mean that there won’t be as many songs on each edition as there were previously, though we feel this is an acceptable sacrifice for more up to date tracks. We start things off above with Reuben Keeney’s “Good times together” which is carried by a Kaskade like piano and soft vocals before hitting a progressive drop.

Beatport: Reuben Keeney (feat. Katt Niall) – Good Times Together 

Candyland released an EP in honor of their Miami debut at WMC. My favorite track of the EP is their festival remix of Timeflies’ “Nothing At All”.

The Plastic People remix of the Imagine Dragons “It’s  Time” was my favorite song for quite a while. Markus Cole does a magnificent job of giving the song a progressive refresh that brought the indie-rock song back to life.

No uplifting chords or melodies to be found here, Kevin Drew’s latest “Halogen” is just a massive big room track.


Progressive House | Lift Off #007

Posted by on December 27, 2012

We are back for a special holiday edition of Lift Off with free tracks to keep you satiated until next year. If you are looking for an infusion of fresh tracks for your holiday playlists, we have you covered. We start things off with Australian Kaz James bringing us his latest single “Drums” that gives you a mix of both big room house and tough electro with a well placed dubstep interlude. Also included are some quality remixes from the likes of Ivan Gough & Maison & Dragen.

Beatport: Kaz James – Drums (Incl. Remixes)

Syn Cole, a new name in 2012 and one of the surefire breakout stars in 2013 recently released his remix of Kerli’s “The Lucky Ones” that combines both melodic and tough electro elements into this superb track.

Beatport: Kerli – The Lucky Ones (Syn Cole vs Kerli Remix)

Lift Off veterans, Primacy Funk return with a bootleg of their new piano driven single “Rain” with the vocals of Avidan “One Day”.

My (w8’s) favorite pick of the bunch. Seriously, try to resist the urge to blast this out of your speakers right now. Grab your copy through Facebook.

Richello amalgamates some eclectic club fuel into this candy pop. The best of both worlds. Continue on after the jump for a dozen more free tracks.


Progressive House | Lift Off #006

Posted by on November 15, 2012

It may be a long time in between each Lift Off, but me and w8 try and make it worth the wait with a ton of tracks. We start off with a song from Gina Star who adds a funky, soulful touch to this progressive track with Jonathan Mendelsohn on the vocals.

Beatport: Gina Star & Jonathan Mendelsohn – Tears

At first when I heard this EP, I was not too impressed, but after rinsing it out a few more times, I came to appreciate it more, especially, “Glorious” and “Spellbound” that give us the signature blend of anthemic progressive house intertwined with hard hitting electro stabs.

Following up his last effort in the last edition of Lift Off, Steerner gives us this track led by a pitched synth top line, basking in warm melodies.

Lars still appears to have his fingers fixed on the pulse of good music while he continues in search of a label to premiere this track as an official release.

Merely seconds later we got a double dose of Lars. I bet it feels extra-special to celebrate your 21st birthday with your own track. Most certainly his best work to date, no pun-intended.