W&W – Thunder

Posted by on May 20, 2013

W&W - Thunder

Arguably the hottest producers right now, their singles “Lift Off” and “The Code“ are still heavily in circulation, while their “This Is What It Feels Like“ remix is the potent remix of choice for Armin van Buuren and many others. Not diverging from their bombastic sound, W&W unleash another massive track that follows much of the same structure and winning formula as “The Code”, providing an unrelenting bass line and thunderous synths.

One can criticize them for sticking to their sound too much or going with a sound that is becoming more and more common, but you have to remember that they helped bring this style to the mainstream and others followed them. Coming up, the gigantic Dutch duo have their collab with Hardwell, which was just recently finished, as well a few IDs on the way.

Beatport: W&W – Thunder

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