Lift Off #011

Posted by on April 20, 2013

You know how I said Lift Off would be a weekly thing on the last edition which was a month ago? Yeah I was kidding about that. A couple of things have gone down since the last edition. One being I saw two attractive girls holding hands which was pretty cool, the other being we have decided to end Lift Off. As well as us finding this series no longer necessary, we were also not too happy with the quality of tracks that were going up. I know you’re on the edge of tears regarding the end of this series and for that I don’t apologize because nothing is going to really change. The songs that would normally appear on Lift Off will still be posted, just not on Lift Off and when they actually come out. That’s better isn’t it? There has been a bit of a drought of good, free house music for the past couple of weeks so this should satisfy you for at least a day or so and if not you can at least have solace in the fact that you don’t drive a van.

We start things off with dBerrie who puts his own upbeat spin on Kaskade’s classic “Angel On My Shoulder”.

I’m not a huge fan of Bruno Mars. His songs are generally really sappy and sad I just can’t handle it. Luckily though, NYC based duo Filtercrush has made his “When I Was Your Man” into something worth listening to.

Included in Tjernberg’s two track EP, “Watch Then World End” is a fun and catchy song that could easily be on the radio. It can also be enjoyed while sitting on a public bench and crying.

The second track off Tjernberg’s EP, “Haze” brings a more powerful instrumental as well as uplifting chords during the build.

Archie continues giving away tracks. “Rosa” is one of his typical big room house tracks that feature unique vocal cuts and a booming drop.

Numero deux on the list of free Archie tracks is his remix of the Cataracs’ “Roll The Dice”.

The original “We Are Electric” by DVBBS was my favorite song for a few minutes when I first heard it. Jay Cosmic turns the original into a heavy big room track that almost borders on hardstyle.

Synchronice have chosen to give away their remix of Blackburner’s  “In Love With The City”.

Have you ever gone to McDonalds at 1AM and been offered a small ziploc bag of Oreo cookies by an overweight, sassy black lady who keeps shouting for some unknown reason? I haven’t, though I imagine the rush you’d get pondering whether to take those cookies is similar to the one you’d get listening to Savant’s energy filled original.

Another one from Savant, “The Arcade 2013” is a funky genre bending original that, of course, contains video game sounds.

Finishing things off is an uplifting, high energy original instrumental from CheccoMan.

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