Girl Fire, Pop, Videos | Akon Performing “America’s Most Wanted” Live

Posted by on June 4, 2012

I am so jacked up right now. I don’t think you really understand. When I was in college, Akon had an unbelievable run. He was on everyone’s single. He is forever a legend in my book. Last night, he debuted his “America’s Most Wanted” single while Miss Rhode Island absolutely crushed the stage. Talk about dream girl. She’s smart too. When she dropped “cognitive processes” on stage, she had it won. Expect this single to put Konvict Music’s el jefe back on top!

Albums | Akon ft. Good Charlotte and Qwess/Wiz Khalifa- In The Night

Posted by on June 23, 2010

Update: There’s been some recent confusion about this track and I thought I would take the time to clear it up. The song is produced by Konvict and was being shopped around the industry to various artists as of late. Interestingly, the hook includes both Akon and Good Charlotte and features Qwess Kross (What’s a Qwess Kross?). The asking price? A mere $60,000. Is this song worth the money? In my opinion, not really. I don’t know whether Qwess Kross (doubtful) bought it or not but I suspect it’s unfinished and Konvict just let him record over it. I just thought I would hit you w/ some exclusive information that other blogs don’t have. Fresh New Tracks, sometimes a place where blogstars do their homework.

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