Videos | Kinetics & One Love — Time Machine (Feat. Neon Hitch) [Music Video]

Posted by on May 2, 2014

It’s been a year-and-a-half since we last heard from Kinetics & One Love, who have been steadily building a reputation as one of the most talented and promising duos in the genre on any scale. Always conceptual in their artistry, 2012’s terrific album You Are Not Alone solidified elements of their philosophical identity and developed an iconic sense of self, one that many artists are unable to conjure throughout the span of a career. Now, after a brief hiatus writing and producing for other artists (Neon Hitch, Melanie Martinez), they’ve returned with an even deeper and more fully-developed vision and aesthetic, continuing their streak of new music releases where a sense of progression is invoked. It’s expected at this point, and in a genre where progression isn’t commonplace and often first albums are a rapper’s most heralded, it bears a lot of weight that this group simply can’t make new music without “development” being a part of the dialogue.

“Time Machine” features the powerful vocals of Neon Hitch, and ups-the-ante for up-and-comers with its video by Hourglass Films, setting the bar for depth and quality at a level that may have never been surpassed before by independent artists. The track features Kinetics as innovative and visionary as he’s ever been on the mic, invoking the sentiments of Nikola Tesla, using the second verse to detail elements of his poignant death, from the hotel room to the “do not disturb” sign on the door that he left prior to his passing. One Love, too, shows his maturity as a producer here, not just inviting the listener to enter this world, but keeping them there. While his production here isn’t as much in the forefront as it has been on songs like “Vecina Del Mar” and “You Could Save Us All”, he’s become so adept at using the intricacies of his production to complement his vocalists, and its often the subtleties of his work that are the most resonant.

Pop, Videos | King Deco — One (Prod. Felix Snow)

Posted by on March 6, 2014



1622413_566100073476501_852637285_oKing Deco is going to be a star. This Duke grad and pop newcomer has a penchant for invoking Cleopatra, and one of the most captivating, mellifluous voices you’ll hear from anyone without a major label deal (or maybe even with). Given the constant routine and monotony that pervades pop music, it’s enlivening to hear and see an artist whose sound and aesthetic seems much more reflective of their authentic selves and sensibilities, rather than what is most marketable. “One”, the first single from her upcoming EP, was produced by Felix Snow, and features Deco’s rich, resonant vocals and writing over a seductive beat laden with ambient synths. Tigris is due out this month, and will also include the writing and production of Kinetics & One Love, Ryland Blackinton (of Cobra Starship), and ASTR’s Adam Pallin.



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Hip-Hop, Videos | Mike Stud – Bad Habits (feat. Kinetics) (Prod. One Love)

Posted by on October 8, 2013

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Last night Mike Stud released the video for “Bad Habits” off his debut album Relief. If you didn’t know already, the video features NYC wordsmith Kinetics, as well as production from his right-hand-man One Love. This was definitely one of the stand-out tracks off Relief, which you can download here. Also be sure to check out Kinetics & One Love’s latest album, You Are Not Alone, available for free here. Finally, check out Mike Stud and the crew on the Relief Tour this month! Purchase tickets using the link below.



Hip-Hop | This Week in Hip-Hop and My Head…

Posted by on May 19, 2013


It’s been a very exciting week for hip-hop. As A stated earlier, Yeezy is back, and out to prove a point with his lyrics, which has historically always made for the best hip-hop. I was talking with a friend yesterday about my deep love for Kanye, and I think it stems from his ability to simultaneously appease all aspects of the consumer in me. The College Dropout, and, really every album of his, features a lot of the glossy rap that constitutes most of my weekend playlists, yet is consistently rich in introspection and social observation throughout. That alone seems to be a major recipe for success in modern-day hip-hop — it’s the line that promoted Drake to major wealth and superstar status (the fact that he was capable of separately creating albums like So Far Gone and Thank Me Later is still bafflingly impressive), and has allowed rappers like Macklemore and Logic to find popular success — they smartly release radio-friendly songs, but disperse them throughout projects that please their loyal fans and are otherwise heavy and meaningful projects.

Since Yeezy’s been covered, I’ll skip over to a few others songs that highlight how well some newcomers are able to tread this line — and put out songs that can be equally enjoyed by a frat boy on Saturday night who is already a dozen Pong beers deep, or the hip-hop fanatic who spends their Sunday afternoon analyzing lyrics on RapGenius with the track on repeat. I’m not here to judge — hip-hop should be loved by all.

Hoodie Allen — Make It Home (feat. Kina Grannis)

It’s been really exciting and interesting to follow Hoodie’s path over the past four years or so as he’s developed his sound, taken chances, inevitably made mistakes, and ultimately found himself here. After his success skyrocketed last year behind All American, he released a new mixtape, Crew Cuts, three months ago for free. Both of the aforementioned projects have been decidedly pop-heavy, an intentional move to generate support through his capacity for making pop-friendly songs. While somehow it feels so, it isn’t really a departure from his original sound, just a continued acknowledgement that he values that aspect of his talent as much as any other. Recently, however, he was called into the studio at Fuse with fellow indie-success Kina Grannis, who has earned a large following on YouTube through her covers and, sparsely, originals. Faced with the challenge of writing alongside a talented songwriter, Hoodie turned inward a little more, and the result is one of my favorite Hoodie tracks I’ve heard in years. Like “Cake Boy”, “No Interruption”, and some of his other widely-loved yet hollower releases, it’s catchy, melodic, and sharp — but it’s also reflective, and thus relatable and compelling and all of these other things we love to experience when listening to music. Here’s the live footage from their performance at Fuse.

Mike Stud — Bad Habits (feat. Kinetics & One Love)

Last week Mr. Stud released his new full-length, Relief, which surrounds this terrific song. One Love’s production on it is so unlike anything else on the project, and has his trademark sense of melody that puts me in a state of captivation for hours anytime I hear something new. As for the writing — there’s a reason that anytime Kinetics gets a verse on someone’s track he also does the hook. He has this innate sense of how to both employ the pop potential of any given track, and also capture an emotion or sentiment that is easily accesible with a dash of more depth than the standard radio-destined track. This song just has a great feel, and is a standout from Relief that everyone needs to check out, whether Mike Stud is your cup of tea or not.


Events | CONTEST: Kinetics & One Love/Hi-Rez/Dylan Owen/Beau Young Prince in NYC! [Presented by FNT]

Posted by on December 4, 2012

This Sunday, FNT is proud to sponsor an undeniably exciting concert — one featuring a bevy of the most compelling unsigned talent in the country. The Studio at Webster Hall is hosting this must-see event, where for one night you can get lost in Kinetics’ lyrical acrobatics, Hi-Rez’s passion, Dylan Owen’s honesty and lyrical force, and Beau Young Prince’s smooth, groovy sound.

Because we care about good music as much as you do, we’re willing to give away a few free tickets to onelucky fan. All you have to do is tag Fresh New Tracks in a Facebook post stating something like this: “Post this status for a chance to win two free tickets to see Kinetics & One Love, Hi-Rez, Dylan Owen & Beau Young Prince at Webster Hall!”

We’ll announce the winner by Friday, so the rest of you who are slightly less lucky will still have a chance to get your tickets here. Either way, we’ll see you there. I’ll be the one in the Fresh New Tracks tank.


Hip-Hop, Videos | Kinetics & One Love — Sign Language (feat. Wynter Gordon) [Music Video]

Posted by on November 8, 2012

There are quite a lot of you, I imagine, who come to our site daily and already know what artists and groups you’re looking out for. And though that’s all fine, what makes our job most exciting is getting to share artists with you whom we believe ought to be on the national stage. Artists that stand out from the crowd, or more appropriately, crowded inbox. During my tenure at FNT, there is no artist or group that I’ve posted quite as many times as Kinetics & One Love, and believe me that is deliberate. That is not to say that they’re necessarily producing any more work than most artists, but rather that the quality of what they release is so much greater. My hope is that many will eventually see yet another writeup and think, again? I guess I’ll check them out, and end up with your new favorite group. Today is another tremendous opportunity for that exposure, because Kinetics & One Love are premiering their new music video to “Sign Language” featuring Wynter Gordon, a song that perfectly exemplifies this hip-hop duo and what kind of high-caliber work they are capable of. Bar for bar, Kinetics can out-rap just about anybody you’ve ever heard of, and measure for measure, One Love has a mastery over melody and synthesizers that made me realize quickly that a career as a producer just wasn’t in the cards. This song has everything I love about music and look for when I listen: purpose, meaning, catchiness, melody, lyricism — and it is sure to entrance you for the 4:47 that it lasts. Do yourself a favor and click play.

Hip-Hop | Kinetics & One Love – Still Dreamin’ Remix (Feat. Jadakiss & Termanology)

Posted by on September 28, 2012

It’s been a long time coming for Kinetics & One Love, but with their latest album, You Are Not Alone, they are finally starting to get some of the respect they deserve. Here lies the proof: not only did they hit number eight on the iTunes hip-hop charts, but over the summer Kinetics rapped alongside (and consistently out-spit) RA the Rugged Man, Remedy from Wu-Tang Killa Bees, Unknown Prophets, Termanology, Nitty Scott MC, and now Jadakiss! This remix adds a strong Jada feature to a song already stacked with lyrical power, style, and precision — over one of One Love’s most fervent beats to date. Don’t forget to cop the album if you haven’t already, and check back for when they drop the video to “Sign Language” featuring Wynter Gordon on Thursday!

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