Kinetics & One Love — Sign Language (feat. Wynter Gordon) [Music Video]

Posted by on November 8, 2012

There are quite a lot of you, I imagine, who come to our site daily and already know what artists and groups you’re looking out for. And though that’s all fine, what makes our job most exciting is getting to share artists with you whom we believe ought to be on the national stage. Artists that stand out from the crowd, or more appropriately, crowded inbox. During my tenure at FNT, there is no artist or group that I’ve posted quite as many times as Kinetics & One Love, and believe me that is deliberate. That is not to say that they’re necessarily producing any more work than most artists, but rather that the quality of what they release is so much greater. My hope is that many will eventually see yet another writeup and think, again? I guess I’ll check them out, and end up with your new favorite group. Today is another tremendous opportunity for that exposure, because Kinetics & One Love are premiering their new music video to “Sign Language” featuring Wynter Gordon, a song that perfectly exemplifies this hip-hop duo and what kind of high-caliber work they are capable of. Bar for bar, Kinetics can out-rap just about anybody you’ve ever heard of, and measure for measure, One Love has a mastery over melody and synthesizers that made me realize quickly that a career as a producer just wasn’t in the cards. This song has everything I love about music and look for when I listen: purpose, meaning, catchiness, melody, lyricism — and it is sure to entrance you for the 4:47 that it lasts. Do yourself a favor and click play.

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