Hip-Hop | KAM Royal & Rob Lo — Deep Down

Posted by on November 26, 2012

One of the largely overlooked qualities of a musician that can be so instrumental in building a following is personality. Many aspiring artists have talent, but don’t demand the listener’s attention—something that is done through one’s delivery (use of tone, intonation, volume, etc). If you gave ten different rappers the same line, you’d hope each would bring something unique to their presentation of it—and those choices are what generally determines who gains popularity, and who remains stagnant. That’s a verbose way of saying KAM Royal has a lot of personality (Note: I am intentionally avoiding use of the word “swagger,” which has come to be too much of an umbrella term, and thus not represent anything at all). KAM has a way of using his voice to make you think you should care about what he’s saying, and then you start listening, and realize that you do care. Among other things, he is preparing to release his newest project, The Conversation EP, a collaboration with rapper Rob Lo, whom you can hear on the second verse holding his own with a nice flow. Check the track below, connect with them, and get ready for the highly-anticipated full release.

Hip-Hop, Videos | Kinetics — Cosmic Consciousness feat. Kam Royal, Money Mars & KTSB [Music Video]

Posted by on July 14, 2012

In accordance with his new mixtape release, With A Little Help From My Friends, Kinetics has just released a video for “Cosmic Consciousness”, the conceptual posse cut featuring Kam Royal, Money Mars & KTSB. The track sports an intro from 1979 Vietnam musical Hair, and a daze-inducing instrumental from Kid Vision (who also produced another standout mixtape cut, the previously released “845”) with hazy, muted synths and brawny drums that the four emcees flex over, with cognizant and abstract rhymes. The video, shot by Hickory Lawson, captures the same feel through nebulous shots of the artists trading verses in Times Square and Central Park. If you haven’t downloaded the mixtape yet, you can find it here, and for all others, enjoy this mellow track and visual.

Hip-Hop | Kam Royal – Rolling Stone

Posted by on June 22, 2012

I’ve never posted Kam Royal’s music. I’ve never disliked it, but I’ve never enjoyed it enough to share it with all of you. This song is different. Rolling Stone has a old school feeling beat that Kam flows over with the confidence of the most veteran rapper. If Kam continues making music like this, he’ll find himself on Fresh New Tracks much more frequently. I’ve enjoyed watching him progress as an artist, and at the rate he’s going, he won’t be stopping anytime soon.


Hip-Hop | Kinetics & One Love ft. Krystyle – 845 (Prod. by Kid Vision)

Posted by on November 4, 2011

Kinetics teams up with fellow Hudson Valley native to put on for their hometown, the 845.  Although you probably expected production from One Love on this track, Kid Vision did the work behind the words as One Love polished it off.  You probably recognize Kid Vision from his work with Tayyib Ali or Kam Royal.  Here’s what Kinetics & One Love had to say about the upcoming months,

“Also…Kinetics & One Love are proud to announce the upcoming release of a new album, slated to drop on iTunes in early 2012. To hold you over until then, we will be releasing a song a week, every Wednesday, until the album drops – all new material in addition to the all-new material on the album. Next week, expect a dope collaboration with fellow NYC native Accent & DJ Big Red of Radical Something.”

DOWNLOAD: Kinetics & One Love ft. Krystyle – 845 (Prod. by Kid Vision)

Kinetics & One Love Facebook || Kid Vision Facebook || Krystyle Facebook

Electro, Hip-Hop | Spadez – The Bake Sesh Chronicles: Chapter I

Posted by on April 21, 2011

Producer/songwriter Spadez, who currently resides in NYC, is definitely a talent to keep an eye on. With a production history which includes the likes of the Ying Yang Twins, the Cataracs, Zion I, Bobby Brackins, San Quinn, and more, it is clear that industry giants are taking notice of this rising talent. Under the tutelage of musical greats such as Swizz Beatz at the the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, Spadez currently continues to hone his skills. His most recent project, “The Bake Sesh Chronicles: Chapter I,” features many of FNT’s favorites, including Loggy, Collin McLoughlin, Kam Royal, The Cataracs and more. For more from Spadez, peep his facebook.

DOWNLOAD: Spadez feat. The Cataracs, Young Murph & D. Willz – Professional

DOWNLOAD: Spadez x Collin McLoughlin x Kam Royal – Private Dancer

DOWNLOAD: Spadez x Loggy x Jamar Rogers x Carlos Ferragamo – Make It One Day

FULL MIXTAPE: Spadez – The Bake Sech Chronicles