Ambient | Yahtzel – High With Me

Posted by on August 9, 2013


Where do I even begin with this song? There are so many things right with this song, it’s unbelievable. The simple melodic piano, the high pitch voice that just works, the fantastic drums, those jungle vibes towards the end of the song, the list goes on and on. Get in tune with Yahtzel and the genre that is ambient trap, it’s coming for ya. Peep this track below and like the man’s FB for the download. You’re gonna want it, trust me.

Contests | Axwell Announces Final “Where’s The Party” Competition + Twitter Chat

Posted by on August 8, 2013

Axwell Where's The Party

Never been to the land of tall, blond babes? Want to eat a 5-course meal at Axwell’s restaurant in Stockholm? (I do) Want to to go to his show in Stockholm on the 31st? Did I just get your heart racing to 128 bpm? I do not know if there will be a 5-course meal served at this comp, and if your heart automatically races to 128 bpm at the thought of Axwell, then that is dedication.

Well here is your lucky opportunity, Axwell is giving away an all expenses trip to his show at the 9,000 person Swedish Maritime Museum on August 31st, supported by NO_ID, that includes eating at his restaurant, attending his show and staying at some swanky hotel. Don’t be surprised if you meet the Ax-man himself. It would be wrong if you went all that way for free and didn’t. Think you don’t have a chance to meet Axwell? Well you can try and chat with him via Twitter tomorrow at 1pm EST for an hour, so ask him the burning questions you have always wanted to know, like what type of charcoal he uses for BBQs, how often he changes his oil, or what is his favorite snuggie.

To enter all you have to do is tag someone on FB or Twitter and explain why they are the Centre (wrong British spelling) Of Your Universe. Cute isn’t it? Also you have to use the hashtag #AXWELLWTP, which works because hashtags are now acceptable on Facebook apparently. More info on his website, and you can buy tickets here.

Events | Take Flight 2012 : NYE Dallas Ticket Giveaway

Posted by on December 28, 2011

By now everyone should be aware of our official sponsorship of Take Flight 2012, featuring mashup gods Kap Slap and 3LAU performing for two days (Friday and Saturday) in the heart of Downtown Dallas, TX. Well in typical FNT fashion, there is no way we will be sponsoring an event without giving away some free tickets. So you know the drill, follow the two simple steps below and win yourself a pair of tickets!

Contest Rules:
1. Facebook Like this post
2. Post this FB status: I can’t wait to rage at @ Take Flight 2012 with @Fresh New Tracks [note: the “@” should tag Take Flight 2012 and FNT in the post]


Contests, Home | Holiday Giveaway: Beats By Dre Headphones!!

Posted by on December 20, 2011

Tis the season for giving, Christmas for you gentiles, Hanukah for the hebrews, and half and half for the FNT contingent. This year we’ve teamed up with our cohorts over at HypeFloats to offer up the limited edition (product) red Beats By Dre Solo HDs completely sans cost (that means free). The modus of entry is stated below – 1 winner will be announced 12/28 as a belated Christmas gift, best of luck!

1. Like FreshNewTracks on Facebook
2. Like HypeFloats on Facebook
3. Post this FB status: @Fresh New Tracks and @Hype Floats are giving away Red Beats by Dre here: [note: the “@” should tag FNT and HF in the post – make sure the post is visible to everyone aka us]

Hip-Hop | CALiPH – Fly Away

Posted by on August 13, 2011

The other day I asked our FB fans (if you haven’t already done so like us – HERE) to drop their favorite unknown rapper in the comment box and CALiPH is the one that caught my ear. Although I didn’t post a criteria, I was looking for someone with raw talent that might help me restore my faith in the budding hip hop artists. The cuts below were my favorite tracks off his Soundcloud account. “Fly Away” is totally dope, damn, so is Gettin’ Out.

CALiPH by freshnewtracks

Hip-Hop | Trey Palms – What the Hell Remix (feat. Avril Lavigne) | Hip-Hop

Posted by on April 15, 2011

Remixing a Avril Lavigne song is definitely a bold move and you know what Trey absolutely kills it with this. Big ups to him for bringing a unique vibe to my speakers. Do yourself a favor and give this upbeat chill track a preview at the very least. Follow him on FB here.

DOWNLOAD: Trey Palms – What the Hell Remix (feat. Avril Lavigne)

Events | 20 min left for Cuervo Gladiators!

Posted by on October 26, 2010

The FNT Sponsored Cuervo Games Gladiators, hailing from Boston, are nearing the end of the first competition in their games: getting the most FB “Likes” for their team. Right now they are barely behind the leading team. A mere 50 or so FB “Likes” separate them from their first victory They are currently in the lead. Here at FNT we don’t encourage second place finishes, so we need your help to help grow their fan page. To do so we are willing to raise the stakes. 5 members of the FB fan page will recieve their choice of free FNT gear, so spread the word!