Axwell Announces Final “Where’s The Party” Competition + Twitter Chat

Posted by on August 8, 2013

Axwell Where's The Party

Never been to the land of tall, blond babes? Want to eat a 5-course meal at Axwell’s restaurant in Stockholm? (I do) Want to to go to his show in Stockholm on the 31st? Did I just get your heart racing to 128 bpm? I do not know if there will be a 5-course meal served at this comp, and if your heart automatically races to 128 bpm at the thought of Axwell, then that is dedication.

Well here is your lucky opportunity, Axwell is giving away an all expenses trip to his show at the 9,000 person Swedish Maritime Museum on August 31st, supported by NO_ID, that includes eating at his restaurant, attending his show and staying at some swanky hotel. Don’t be surprised if you meet the Ax-man himself. It would be wrong if you went all that way for free and didn’t. Think you don’t have a chance to meet Axwell? Well you can try and chat with him via Twitter tomorrow at 1pm EST for an hour, so ask him the burning questions you have always wanted to know, like what type of charcoal he uses for BBQs, how often he changes his oil, or what is his favorite snuggie.

To enter all you have to do is tag someone on FB or Twitter and explain why they are the Centre (wrong British spelling) Of Your Universe. Cute isn’t it? Also you have to use the hashtag #AXWELLWTP, which works because hashtags are now acceptable on Facebook apparently. More info on his website, and you can buy tickets here.

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