Chill, Future Trap, Hip-Hop, RnB, Throwbacks, Trap | Check Out HiFadility’s New Summer Jam, An Edit of SWV – “Weak”

Posted by on June 30, 2015

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HiFadility released another chill edit from The Queens concept project, an edit of the 1992 SWV classic, “Weak”.  After the Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah tracks, we were interested to hear what this artist has created, so we checked it out.  Everything sounds so out of the box, in a good way.  In the case of this track, the juxtaposition between the synths, which sound so original and blend well with the throwback vocals, and his new electronic flip that takes place a third of the way in, takes the track to another level. This track is definitely worth the play and great for riding in cars with the windows down, another solid summer jam.

Abstract Hip-Hop, Chill, Electro, Electronic, Hip-Hop | HiFadility Calls An Iso With Lauryn Hill On His Edit Of “Ready or Not”

Posted by on June 26, 2015

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HiFadility dropped another exciting edit, an isolation of Lauryn Hill’s vocals from The Fugee’s “Ready or Not” track with a very luxurious hip-hop/world instrument electronic sound.  What really makes this track worth supporting is the thoughtfulness involved in the arrangement of quality sounds, and the attention used in choosing the vocal arrangement.  HiFadility is part of a movement that is bringing consciousness back into popular culture.

HiFadility, whose tagline is “peace, love and prosperity”, seems to ask for intention and awareness out of life that he also likes to deliver within his music, allowing him to create really intricate and interesting pieces. Before releasing this track, he asked himself the question of why he decides to make, release and engage in the music industry.  He replied with the idea of: “What does make creating music worth the while is the mystery.” Later that night, at the release of the Lauryn Hill track, he simply posted an infinity sign, “?”, indicating the infinite nature of our being and sound, the thrilling mystery of music, and how it magically touches our soul.

The ability to make chill bangers, songs that are laid back but still get you pumped up, is pretty unique, so make sure to check out this track, it’s just in time for the summer feels.  HiFadility will be releasing more videos and tracks in relation to this concept project, The Queens EP, over the duration of the summer, so be sure to follow HiFadility on his social media, soundcloud, tumblr, twitter, for more gems.


Moombahton | Moombah Mondays

Posted by on November 14, 2011

First off I want to give a shout out to Artin Ghokasiyan for a sick job with the artwork for Moombah Mondays. Moombah releases this week haven’t been as abundant as the weeks before, but these three tracks should be more than enough though.


Everyone has been waiting for this edit from the Killabits and thankfully it’s here.

DOWNLOAD: Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon(The Killabits Not Enough D**ks on the Dancefloor Moombahton Edit)

Another dope remix of Shave It that didn’t make the remix deadline so it was given out for free.

DOWNLOAD: Zedd – Shave It! (Sazon Booya Remix)

The SoniXx trying out some new styles outside his comfort zone lately; did a sick job with this one.

DOWNLOAD: The SoniXx ft. Inside Out Boy – What It Do

EDIT: Just saw this track on soundcloud and could not leave it out. Skrubz killing it on this one.

DOWNLOAD:Skrillex – First Of The Year (Equinox) (Skrubz Moombahcore Edit)


Electro, House | ELECTRO HEAT!

Posted by on February 26, 2011

Its been far too long since I’ve posted some “authentic” electro heat bangers. For all of our new followers, this is what we used to call all of our electro posts. Now that we’ve moved to a new system of categorizing things there isn’t much room for this but perhaps I’ll start doing it more often if people dig it. The BIGLIFE edits are filthy fire.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Decay – Like That! (2-4 Grooves Remix Edit)[BIGLIFE EDIT] — BANGER!

DOWNLOAD: Sultan and Ned Shepard – Call My Name feat. Nadia Ali (Spencer Hill Remix)[BIGLIFE EDIT] — Nadia Ali tracks speak for themselves…

DOWNLOAD: Inna – Sun Is Up (DJ Amor Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Frankmusik – Confusion Girl (Russ Chimes Remix)

Electro, House | Yves Larock – Say Yeah (Rivaz Biglife Edit) | Electro/House

Posted by on February 21, 2011

At this point I’ll pretty much take any opportunity to post a Yves track. His house productions are driven by African-influenced vocals that seem to be matched by very few artists, especially nowadays. More producers should be digging into their archives and flipping tracks like these; I may not remember the last guy who remixed Black and Yellow, but I will certainly remember Rivaz from this banger. If you liked my Paradise post from earlier in the week (see: here), you’ll undoubtedly dig this track.

DOWNLOAD: Yves Larock – Say Yeah (Rivaz Remix)[BIGLIFE EDIT] — FIRE!

Albums | Welcome Back To FNT | The Paradise Post

Posted by on February 17, 2011

UPDATE: Alright FNTers here’s the scoop: Unfortunately a number of issues sort of culminated into one big breakdown leaving us paralyzed for the past several days which seemed like an eternity. It sort of felt like I had just been dumped by a girlfriend. This post is for all those people (myself included) who are in need of a beachside vacation… For the record I skipped all my classes for the fans and Gmoney pretty much sacrificed his job for everyone, thats how much we love you.

Some of these are previously posted tracks that helped me weather this 5 day storm.

DOWNLOAD: Deepcentral – Back 2 Life (Original Radio Edit)

DOWNLOAD: Deepside Deejays – Feels So Good

DOWNLOAD: Deepside Deejays – Zummer (Radio Edit)

DOWNLOAD: R.I.O. – When The Sun Comes Down (Spencer And Hill Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Yves La Rock – Rise Up (Sunstroke Project Vandalism Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Yves Larock – Million Miles (Radio Edit)

Mashups | DJ Tila – “Milano Can’t Get Enough” | Mash-Ups

Posted by on February 17, 2011

DJ Tila knows how to double up on popular electronic tracks. The Soulsearcher remixes kill it, definitely give them an ear.

DOWNLOAD: Boom Jinx & Jaytech vs. Soulsearcher – Milano Can’t Get Enough (DJ Tila Mashup) — Filthy

PREVIOUSLY: Deadmau5 vs. Soulsearcher – Arguru Can’t Get Enough (DJ Tila Mashup)

DOWNLOAD: Eric Prydz vs. Will I Am – I Got The F12 From My Mama (DJ Tila Edit)

DOWNLOAD: Steve Angello vs. DJ Wallas – Knas Melody (DJ Tila Edit)