Hip-Hop | Rich Kid(Video) – OnCue (prod. by Brenton Duvall and C.J. Luzi)

Posted by on May 7, 2012

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The highly anticipated video for OnCue’s hit single Rich Kid was dropped off today. The track is co-produced by Brenton Duvall and C.J. Luzi, so you know it’s good. The verses seamlessly transition into hooks and choruses. The song tells a stunning tale of OnCue’s life, and even though he never was a rich kid, if he keeps making music like this, best believe he’ll be dying one. The video is a bit trippy at times, but you’re quickly brought back to reality by Cuey rapping. As opposed to watching a rapper travel through places, and seeing things un related to the music, this video is pure Cuey. We’ve come to expect as much from his videos, Feel Tall being another one of my personal favorites.

With so many rappers making music now a days, there’s something for everyone, which proves to be both a blessing and a curse. If you aren’t a fan of OnCue, you’re bound to find something else you like. But no matter what your feelings are, this man is making unique music.

Hip-Hop, Videos | OnCue – Kinda Late [Video]

Posted by on March 23, 2012

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Cuey?  Action Bronson?  No no, that is OnCue’s director who has done all of his videos in the past.  Shifting gears on Cuey’s latest video for “Kinda Late”, off Can’t Wait, Adam plays the role of Cuey as Just Blaze makes his directorial debut, leaving Cuey with no choice other than filling the role of the pizza boy.  Although the original 88-Keys produced track featured Mike Posner, the video does not, but that’s not to say it is at all a disappointment.  One of the more strangely creative visual works I’ve seen in a while from and up and comer, and I have to give Just Bliggity-Blaze credit for such an peculiar, but entertaining show.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Kinda Late ft. Mike Posner (Prod. by 88-Keys)

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Electro, Hip-Hop | OnCue – Feel Tall (The Soundmen Remix)

Posted by on March 7, 2012

Let me start off by saying “Feel Tall” was one of my favorite songs of 2011.  Cuey reached a whole new level when he released the song along with the stop motion video to correspond.  With that being said, I was somewhat skeptic when I saw the track had been remixed.  Any and all doubts quickly evaporated a mere 11 seconds into the song.  The highly talented Seattle production duo, The Soundmen, turn the (already) crack track into a audio fiend’s thanksgiving feast.  Keeping the important elements of the original song intact, they add enough original production and remix the hook to create a perfectly balanced mix.

Props to The Soundmen, I wish more producers would rework indie hip-hop like this!

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Hip-Hop | OnCue – Rich Kid (Prod. Brenton Duvall & CJ Luzi)

Posted by on February 15, 2012

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Rich Kid (Prod. by Brenton Duvall & CJ Luzi)

Cuey just released his second song of the week, Rich Kid. With the help of Brenton Devuall and CJ Luzi this track is hot. Here’s what Brenton had to say about the track:

“I sent this shit to OnCue about two months ago. When we were first working with it, it sounded super swaggy. Some Houston x Brooklyn shit. I don’t know what it was really, but I really fucked with the feel of the track. I was sampling this, to begin with. Anyway, what started out as a quick, fun track eventually evolved into something a whole lot better. Once CJ got his hands on the beat, it really got taken to the next level. This is definitely the best shit I’ve ever been a part of and is what I consider to be part of the beginning of a completely new path for OnCue. I 100% believe that he is going to do some really important things in music. Not rap music, but all music. He’s definitely one of the smartest and most creative rappers I’ve ever seen let alone met. I’ve been telling everyone not to sleep on him but I think I’m done doing that. At this point, if you aren’t giving Cue a listen, it’s only a problem for you. I don’t know how much good shit I can say about him, and at this point I’m rambling, so fuck it. Enjoy Rich Kid.”


Hip-Hop, Videos | Voli, Brenton Duvall, Chris Webby

Posted by on December 22, 2011

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Voli is on fire.  Dropping this brand new track entitled ” Blood, Sweat, & Tears”, there’s no word where it will find a home, but one thing is for sure, it’s a gem. Fellow Dreamville artist, Elite, proved to he’s one of the hardest working individuals in the game and although it should not come as a surprise, Voli maintains a similar work ethic and skill level.  He himself dropped a mixtape just over three months ago, leaving no time for a vacation.  Self produced, this track is a x-ray into Voli’s life.  I certainly can taste the blood sweat and tears he leaves in the booth on this track.  The video is nothing like I’ve seen before.  Two thumbs up for director Patrick Florescio.

DOWNLOAD: Voli – Blood, Sweat, & Tears (Prod. by Voli)

DOWNLOAD: Voli – In The Meanwhile [Previous Mixtape]

When Brenton Duval is with us, he’s one of the best at what he does.  Unfortunately, we have not seen much of him over the past several months.  The game needs more original production remixes of up and coming artists work.  Here Brenton takes Cuey & CJ Luzi’s title track off one of the best mixtapes of the year (Download Here) and slows it down without compromising the quality.  A slower beat with a heavy hit from the bass really fits the song well and helps emphasizes the progression of Cuey’s career and how it is finally coming to fruition.  Cuey for breakout artist of 2012? Shout out to our friends at itsthebino for the premier.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Can’t Wait (Brenton Duval Remix)

Also fresh:

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – The Geoffrey

Yes it’s only been a couple weeks since Chris Webby released his debut EP, which premiered on iTunes and quickly climbed up to the #1 spot on the hip-hop charts.  Deeply distressed over a recent passing of a close friend, Webby found himself back in the studio sending his love through his words.  Produced by his tour DJ, DJ Semi, the track samples “The Kid’s Aren’t Alright” by the Offspring. Unfortunately, many of us can relate to this track.

DOWNLOAD:  Chris Webby – Fragile Lives (Prod. by DJ Semi)

Hip-Hop | OnCue Ft. Mike Posner – Kinda Late (prod. 88-Keys)

Posted by on November 14, 2011

OnCue is my favorite up and coming rapper. I wont lie though, seeing Mike Posner’s name on this track made me want to not listen to it. I obviously listened to it, and it has to be one of OnCue’s best. 88-Keys provided a sick, smooth, electric guitar based beat. Mike’s verse is actually good, but Cuey takes the win for sure. His flow is undeniable and unlike a lot of rappers today his raps are actually coherent stories. Kinda Late is off his newest project, Can’t Wait, which drops November 16th.

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Kinda Late (Ft. Mike Posner) (prod. 88-Keys)

Hip-Hop, Videos | OnCue – Better Than Before (Music Video)

Posted by on November 3, 2011

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“OnCue, thats my homie, how are you?, what it do? Heyyyyyyy?”

As anticipation builds for OnCue’s highly awaited mixtape, Can’t Wait, Cuey releases new visuals with a brand new track.  The video shows a darker side, but is inspiring at the same time.  Cuey exercises so much emotion in his music, he makes it easy to paint our own pictures, but here he does us a favor and illustrates just what this song is about.  I’ve said it once and I’ll say it over and over again.  Cuey’s one of the truest artists in the game right now and as things continue falling into place for him, it’s going to be tough to stop him.  Can’t Wait coming November 16th!

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Better Than Before (Prod. by CJ Luzi)

Previous Releases off Can’t Wait:

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Feel Tall (Prod. by CJ Luzi)

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – All the Way (Prod. by Manicanparty & CJ Luzi)

DOWNLOAD: OnCue – Don’t Fall For That (prod. Justin W.)

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