FYI | Uncovering Spinnin’s “You Know” ID

Posted by on January 1, 2015

“You Know” has been floating around the web for quite some time. It was first announced as a collaboration between Oliver Heldens and Mike Mago, and teased in various mixes and “Heldeep Radio” episodes. It even had album art floating around. Names were thrown out (mostly by fans) and “Feelings” seemed to stick for a while, especially on Last weekend, we attended Lights All Night in Dallas and had the opportunity to catch a Zed’s Dead set, which was impressively varied.

While watching the set, Zeds Dead played “You Know” an announced that “this was their new sh*t with Oliver Heldens” which we live-tweeted. It caught us completely off guard, but were excited to get that confirmation. Whether it’s a Oliver Heldens, Mike Mago, and Zeds Dead collaboration remains to be seen. Spinnin’ is understandably tight-lipped about the record. What we do know is that it’s a big record and we can’t wait for more information to become available. Keep your eye on this space.

“You Know” is available on February 2nd.

Trap | Harrison Blakoldman – Nocturn

Posted by on December 5, 2013

Wow, isn’t this album art awesome? Anyway, “Nocturn” by Harrison Blakoldman out on Cosmonostro is a trapped out beauty. “Nocturn” stands out from a lot of the trap coming out right now. The sounds of a xylophone ring over low bassy beats. Its a lullaby with a modern twist.  My favorite part is after a minute in when the sound is fuller, but it’s all really unique and interesting to listen to. Grab it for free!

Harrison Blakoldman

Dubstep | Morten – Look Closer (Candyland Remix)

Posted by on September 18, 2013

Since everyone and their mother has been complaining about how slow dubstep is now-a-days, here’s some proof that not all new dubstep is bad! Whenever I see Candyland doing a remix I know it’s going to be something big. Candyland’s remix of “Look Closer” by Morten has two bass-filled drops, with melodic sections of vocals in between. It’s very well produced and grabs your attention immediately. Not to mention the album art is pretty cool.


Beatport: Morten – Look Closer (Candyland Remix)


Drum & Bass | Selena Gomez – Come & Get it (Dotcom Remix)

Posted by on July 2, 2013

Dotcom Music
Plain and simple, the only thing hotter than this album art is the song itself. Up and comer, Dotcom has been on fire recently stirring quite a buzz in the dubstep community. Today he delivers a heavy drum and bass remix to Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get it” that makes it acceptable for a 23 year old man to be blasting Selena Gomez on his way to work (I may or may not do that to the original version as well).

Girl Fire, Pop | Mike Posner- Tapada World (Prod by. Diplo & Benny Blanco)

Posted by on May 10, 2012

Just when I thought Mike Posner and his circa 2002 chinstrap beard was down and out, he comes out with a new Diplo produced single. I should have known, as he was responsible for writing and producing Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend” which is just a track and a half. Originally leaking in a Reebook commercial, this Diplo and Benny Blanco produced single is off the charts, even though it doesn’t sound completely finished. I suspect G.O.O.D. Music’s “Big Sean” will add a quick sixteen to the song before it’s all said and done. P.S.- Listen, Reebok, I didn’t want to include your album art in, but I did. Free advertisement. You’re welcome.

Hip-Hop | XV – The Kick

Posted by on September 7, 2011


Two new XV tracks in 3 days? Hey, I ain’t complaining. This track seems a bit more personal than Monday’s track, BITSTU. Between the album art and the lyrical content, it seems as if The Kick is an Inception reference. Press play below if you’re looking for some food-for-thought.

In a game full of sharks, but there ain’t no cheat codes…


Hip-Hop | BENZI – Sunscreen (Happy Ending Fridays Mixtape)

Posted by on August 1, 2011


A little hesitant to use the album art as it features my gf, but whatever.  DJ Benzi hit us with a nice little DJ mix of some straight classics mixed with some of the latest…bump it. Perfect summer mix (is it even still summer, kill me).

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=0026ff” width=”100%” height=”81″ ]