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Monstercat live stream 500x500 MONSTERCAT LIVE STREAM LABEL SHOWCASE

Live Stream at 11PM PST/ 2AM EST April 2nd:

After incredible success streaming the Splice collaboration between Haywyre and Aero Chord at SXSW, Monstercat makes everyone a Vancouverite for one night. Label regulars, Aero Chord, Sound Remedy, Grabbitz, and Pegboard Nerds will be joined by Vancouver dance enthusiasts at Celebrities Nightclub. This is a true showcase in every sense of the word, where these four artists take over this high regarded venue until the early hours of Friday morning. Everyone who tunes in at 11PM PST/2AM EST on Thursday, April 2 can watch Monstercat at full power, from our home to yours. Everyone holds a special place in their hearts for home – especially Monstercat.

News | Monstercat Joins With Splice For Live Streaming Artist Collab at SXSW

Posted by on March 18, 2015

SXSW SquareSmall 500x500 Monstercat Joins With Splice For Live Streaming Artist Collab at SXSW

As we begin SXSW Music 2015, we also mark a major chapter in the Monstercat narrative as the team leaps across the realm of internet dominance and into the live performance sphere via its label showcase on March 19th at the Empire Control Room. While this exciting initiative from Monstercat is great for the label, what is truly setting the showcase apart is teaming with the game changing startup Splice, the platform for music creation, collaboration and sharing. For the first time ever, Monstercat and Splice will host a live stream of Monstercat artists collaborating on a track using Splice. Haywyre’s WIP (Work In Progress) will kick things off and with Splice’s cutting edge platform will be picked up by Aero Chord to add his touches to the track; all of this will be streamed live on Splice and Monstercat’s Twitch channels. Fans will be able to watch minute by minute and get an inside look at the production process in Ableton Live as well as download the WIP to create their very own versions.

This event showcases the tools available for artists through Splice, which eliminate the dreadful hurry-up-and-wait moments of working with fellow artists remotely, and give fans up-close access to the incredible creative ability of Monstercat’s roster. For anyone in Austin on March 19th, this event is a must-attend. And for those who aren’t lucky enough to make the trip to The Lone Star state, be sure to tune in to 9:00 PM EST/ 8:00 PM CT to witness this incredible exhibition.

Haywyre WIP:
Live Stream:

News | TomorrowWorld Adds Breakfast Beats To DreamVille Experience

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fabad4ea 671b 45f5 9a4f 61486d47571a 580x580 TomorrowWorld Adds Breakfast Beats To DreamVille Experience

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What if we told you that you could wake up to dance music as you ate breakfast and then go rave for hours on end at one of the world’s best music festivals? If you want to be one of the first testers, go book your tickets for TomorrowWorld 2015 and reserve your spot in DreamVille because the festival just made it a reality.

Breakfast Beats is the newest addition to the TomorrowWorld experience. Exclusive to DreamVille residents, festival-goers will be able to enter into a breakfast area full of classic breakfast foods, coffee, blood marys, mimosas, coffee, and much more while a DJ rotation takes over sound waves to get fans ready for a full day of raving. The novel concept is brand new to TomorrowWorld and fans will be able to purchase DreamVille tickets (Tier 2) on Thursday, March 5th at 12 PM EST here.

In case you weren’t already in the mood for festival season, Cash Cash’s Artist of Tomorrow mix should do the trick:



Featured, News | The Red Bulletin

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Screen Shot 2014 10 18 at 1.00.02 PM 620x304 The Red Bulletin

Check out the RedBulletin here!

Red Bull has always given you the most exciting and energizing action from the air, ground, water, and even space. With The Red Bulletin, Red Bull is going beyond just the action clips and record breaking feats to give you a wide variety of topics and behind-the-scenes material. Introducing their brand new magazine, The Red Bulletin, Red Bull offers a broad spectrum of access to the world of action, sports, music, travel, arts and more.

Since we are so nice here at FNT, we thought we would get in touch with you, our fantastic viewers, and allow you guys to try it out for free. Normally a $4.50 cover value on each magazine, through this exclusive partnership with FNT, you’ll get 12 issues completely free. No strings attached. Signing up is just as easy as getting lost in the pages, simply put your name, address, and email, and it’s all yours. This is definitely an opportunity you are not going to want to miss.

Feel free to check out the website at:, and see what the world of Red Bull has to offer. To sign up click the link below and make sure not to pass on this offer, you’ll regret it if you do. Also, below is a link to share for those who want to spread the word about it, remember sharing is caring.



Exclusive, Featured, News | Lollapalooza 2014 Recap

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img 8891 Lollapalooza 2014 Recap
Andre 3000 of Outkast, performing at Lollapalooza 2014

As I walked down Congress Parkway crossing the Michigan Ave. intersection, Lollapalooza became very surreal for me. Hundreds of artists, Tens of thousands of people, and the perfect view of the Chicago skyline above the stages awaited me for the next three days. The lines to enter the festival were long and frantic, with security frisking every person and checking every bag diligently. The scene past the gates was a blur due to the massive amounts of people scattering in every which way possible. At last, I had made it to the festival, ready to see some of the best artists from around the world perform in my city.

Perry’s stage was the place to be on Friday. Iggy Azalea, Above & Beyond, The Glitch Mob, and Zedd, one after another. Ms. Fancy herself started off the madness, rockin a crazy set with an even crazier crowd…as you would expect. Tight flows and kept the crowd engaged, and she looked damn good while doin it. Can’t hate on her hustle. Next was Above & Beyond and it was above and beyond all of my expectations. So funny…but actually. Glitch Mob was turnt to an 11, just like Spinal Tap. They brought a great amount of energy and the crowd was loving every second of it, myself included. After The Glitch Mob, Marshall Mathers awaited my full blown attention. I decided to split the headliners in half, seeing Eminem first then Zedd. Luckily enough for me I was able to see Rihanna make an appearance on stage with Eminem and it was definitely special. At least 50,000 people were in attendance, no lie. It was hard to find my way over to Zedd without running into another person. Zedd was everything you expected him to be and then some. Along with the catchy radio songs that you always find yourself bopping your head to, he threw down some nice remixes and made it definitely worth wile. That was it. Friday was finished and people poured out of the park. However, lucky for some, the night was still young. I hopped in an uber and next thing you know I’m in line to see Disclosure. Crazy? Yes. Amazing? Yes. Mind blowing? Obviously. My first time seeing the UK duo was life changing, to say the least. I feel bad for anyone who was not in attendance and leave it at that. My night was finished and I was as happy as a clam, anxiously awaiting the following day.


News | Dash Berlin Announces “Here Tonight” Collaboration

Posted by on June 6, 2014

Screen Shot 2014 06 06 at 4.16.00 PM Dash Berlin Announces Here Tonight Collaboration
We’d heard rumblings about this track for months. Just moments ago, Dash Berlin and Jay Cosmic revealed the title of the Armada hosted track that had everyone talking at ASOT 650. “Here Tonight” features Collin McLoughlin, who’s perhaps one of the most talented artists in the “EDM” landscape.

Screen Shot 2014 06 06 at 4.19.28 PM 620x270 Dash Berlin Announces Here Tonight Collaboration

There’s good reason why Dash Berlin and his #dashers are excited about this track, as we predict it could be a summer anthem. When does it release? Is it off the new album? We don’t have all the details yet, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more about this very massive tune.

News | Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso Reuniting?

Posted by on May 22, 2014

Axwell 500x333 Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso Reuniting?

I’m not one to start rumors, but are Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso from Swedish House Mafia planning a comeback? Here’s an image they put up on their Instagram yesterday that was brought to my attention. If they are planning on releasing a tune, they better hurry up, festival season is just around the corner, and the Summer hits are starting to line up! Either way I’m looking forward to hear what these 2 are cooking up!