Billboard Dance Senior Editor Matt Medved Discusses The Global Growth of Dance Music

Posted by on October 5, 2016

Matt Medved

Recently, Senior Editor of Billboard Dance Matt Medved met up with the people at Billboard Radio China to sit down and talk all things relevant in today’s rapidly growing dance music scene. Medved’s reputation in the industry alone is astounding; he reveals that becoming a DJ in 2008 has helped him with his extensive music discovery, eventually leading him to becoming one of the most reputable music news reporters in dance music. His interview also touches on the recent closing of the notorious London club Fabric and its impact on the dance community, as well at the developing expansion of music on various digital platforms.

“There’s never been another time where so much music was being made and music was so accessible,” he says. “With streaming and all these platforms, you are a click away from hearing different worlds of music. I think that’s really inspiring.”

See more about the interview here and stream it below.

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