Arty: The Future is Now.

Posted by on November 25, 2014

Arty - The one and only


Artyom Stolyarov, everyone’s favorite Ruski on the block, is by and large well on a path to becoming a godfather of electronic music. As I let my iTunes hit autodrive (read: shuffle) the chilling vocals from “Bliss” transported me back in time to a place that had slowly faded into a distant memory. Arty has journeyed to every corner of this world, quickly transforming himself into an international icon and becoming an inspiration for dreamers globally. As 2014 comes to an end he’s shown no signs of slowing down, with every year since 2009 pushing him further into the spotlight. If you’re in the LA area this week, scope out Arty at Exchange L.A. tomorrow night! (Wednesday November 26, 2014). Click on the jump for more!

In excitement and anticipation of his debut album, set for release in 2015, let me take a moment, and musically narrate you the story of Artyom Stolyarov, beginning with 2009 with the release of his Vanilla Sky EP:

2009 – Vanilla Sky EP
Released on Enhanced Progressive, the world was introduced to Arty.

2010 – A State of Trance
“Bliss” is a track that demonstrated Arty’s (the track completed under the alias Alpha 9) captivating nature and his innate ability illuminate in the darkest of environments. This did not go unnoticed, as “Bliss” caught the attention of the legendary Armin Van Buuren and found its way onto ASOT 550, elevating Arty onto the radar of the most influential trio to hit trance airwaves.

2011 – Welcome To The Anjunabeats Family
This was arguably his breakthrough year. Not only did Arty release 5 timeless trance anthems on the Anjunabeats label, he had two of his tracks featured on Above & Beyond’s 2011 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, recipient of the 2011 “Essential Mix of the Year” award. His productions took a turn and finding himself collaborating with groundbreaking names like Mat Zo, Arty was well on his way to becoming the most valued producer on the market.

2012 – The Sky Is The Limit
“This Must Be The Love” is a track that found its way into the toolkit of every major producer worldwide. Teaming up with BT and Nadia Ali, it gained traction from Armin Van Buuren to Paul Van Dyk, Lisa Lashes to tyDi. Electronic music culture was riveted by the heavy production invested in this track and as such became tune of the year for many.

2013 – Together We Are
Arty really began to jump around this year. His production consistency didn’t even flinch, and how he managed to answer this demand while hopping from city to city playing sold out nightclubs and arenas for two-thirds of the year still remains a question. Nonetheless, the boy wonder found himself releasing highly anticipated productions on Ministry of Sound, Spinnin’ Records, Big Beat Records, and of course, his new found home at Anjunabeats.

2014 – The Throne Awaits…
So far, we’ve seen Arty begin his journey at age 19 and in the 5 years since then, accumulate enough popularity and experience that I’d probably need 10 more Macbooks to compile half his journey through photography and video alone. Arty has truly lived and signing on with Insomniac Records will no doubt prove to be one of his greatest moves yet. As 2014 creeps to a close we can only anxiously await what 2015 will supply.

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