Feed Me Brings The Teeth To Terminal 5

Posted by on September 3, 2014

feed me terminal 5

When you kick off a tour, you want to do it with a bang. Picking NYC for your city and Terminal 5 as your venue is a great way to kick things off not just me as a biased observer being from the area, but also with its size and impact on dance music. Terminal 5 has one of the best sound systems in the city and that was evident on this night. The low end was so strong during the show that the hairs on my body did not sit still for a second that he was playing. Not sure how the kids up front handled it (lots of drugs probably), but it was one of the most intense bass experiences I have felt, but with the clarity of Terminal 5’s speakers it was easy to take in.

NYC natives Space Jesus and Tjani got things going before the onslaught of Feed Me took the stage. He has not been touring much this year, spending most of his time in the studio getting new Feed Me and Spor ready music for the world. He just released his “Psychedelic Journey EP” and this tour is to not only show that off, but also bring out some new music as well. His famous “teeth” make a triumphant return with a revamped design (see pictures), that include cubes above the teeth, improved visuals and great lighting.

feed me terminal 5 2

Since the tour is special, he brought out something, Feed Me on vocals, a surprise that did not seem to really register much with the crowd, but caught my attention immediately. I wasn’t aware Mr. Gooch was a vocalist on some of his tracks, so this was great to see him go very live as he sang a few songs, including some brand new ones, throughout the set. He mixed together plenty of tracks from Calimari Tuesday and Psychedelic Journey EP, while also adding tunes from his extensive back catalog. Go see him because it is a wild time and some visuals you may not see again.

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