Events | Feed Me Brings The Teeth To Terminal 5

Posted by on September 3, 2014

feed me terminal 5

When you kick off a tour, you want to do it with a bang. Picking NYC for your city and Terminal 5 as your venue is a great way to kick things off not just me as a biased observer being from the area, but also with its size and impact on dance music. Terminal 5 has one of the best sound systems in the city and that was evident on this night. The low end was so strong during the show that the hairs on my body did not sit still for a second that he was playing. Not sure how the kids up front handled it (lots of drugs probably), but it was one of the most intense bass experiences I have felt, but with the clarity of Terminal 5’s speakers it was easy to take in.


Drum & Bass | Spor – Silver Spaceman (Masq Bootleg)

Posted by on May 21, 2013

Spor - Silver Spaceman (Masq Bootleg)Damn, Masq has been releasing straight fire. After his incredible bootleg of Amon Tobin’s “Lost and Found”, I was extremely excited when I saw this was a bootleg of the legendary, Spor (aka Feed Me). I thought maybe this would have been more Neuro-hop considering his last few releases but I am happy to see he kept a Spor classic in good old Drum & Bass. Masq is just getting started, don’t miss out on his explosion into the music world.


Free Download: Spor – Spaceman (Masq Bootleg)

Dubstep | Crystal Fighters – Follow (Benga Remix)

Posted by on October 18, 2012

“Follow” is one of Crystal Fighters best tracks, to date. Benga has actually given away this remix for free, exclusively in the UK though. Don’t worry though I got everyone on this. Benga stated months ago that he was retiring from Dubstep, so either he is trolling like Spor did or he is slowly going to give away the music he has left. Either way it’s nice to see we will still get some fresh music from the legend.




Drum & Bass | Spor – Ziggurat/Push Me, Pull You

Posted by on October 15, 2012

Drum & Bass’ God has returned. Over the past few months, Feed Me AKA Spor, has shown resentment to his legendary ego, Spor. It was feared that Spor would be no more, but to our great surprise, the legend in EDM has released these two tracks saying this, “Who said I left? Genres mean nothing to me, I just love music, thank you to everyone who supports me.” Clearly he was messing with us, well that’s a great weight off my shoulders haha. Spor has proven that he still has it, and that his Feed Me persona has not taken control of his other talents within electronic music. He may be one the best, well rounded producers in EDM. Though, these track have released through the UK, I do not doubt the peoples ability to uncover them in other ways on the internet. Enjoy.


Drum & Bass | Jay-Z & Kanye West – N!**@s In Paris (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Posted by on September 18, 2012

Stanton Warriors are one of the most epic, classic Drum & Bass duos. They don’t try to dip too much into the heavy styling like Noisia and Spor, nor the liquid styling like Spectrasoul and Lomax & BCee. With classic kicks and snare, Stanton Warriors made this remix a deep Drum & Bass tune. Using some heavy yet smooth bass, this is one of the best remixes they have made. Simple yet elegant.


DJ-Set, Electro-House | Feed Me Essential Mix

Posted by on September 8, 2012

The super talented and multi faceted Feed Me was the latest to take the reigns of the legendary BBC Radio One Essential Mix and Feed Me made the absolute most of it. He plays almost exclusively all songs from his very expansive discography, mixing in tracks under his moniker Spor and the one other track comes from mau5trap label head deadmau5, with his unreleased work “Fn Pig”. There are whole host of unreleased tracks in this mix not only under Feed Me, but also under his Spor alias. The unreleased tracks are mouthwateringly good and with all of this material being showcased here, we are possibly seeing the making of another Feed Me EP. Dive right into this superbly mixed essential mix and check out the tracklist after the jump.