Sandro Silva Talks Payback, Ghost Producing & More [FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on December 12, 2013

Sandro Silva

Dutch phenom Sandro Silva has been on the scene since he was 15, soon breaking through with his release “Prom Night”. The mastermind behind the game-changing single “Epic” (he sheds light on it during the interview), Sandro Silva has proven he is not a one hit wonder, garnering a countless number of other well-received singles & remixes on labels like Mixmash, Spinnin’, and most recently, Revealed Recordings.

His most recent single, “Payback” hit the top ten of the Beatport main charts and has been a favorite of artists like Hardwell, Benny Benassi, Deniz Koyu and plenty more. We had the chance to chat with him about his most recent single to see what makes it different from other festival-styled tracks, ghost production, an accusation incorrectly thrown at him, and more. Read on for the interview and grab “Payback” here.

FNT: What was your goal in producing “Payback?

Sandro Silva: There are a lot of tracks in the same style nowadays, big kick with a big break and then some elements. It has not much depth anymore, so what I try to create with Payback is more melody and a strong theme combined with a hard drop. Especially in the break, where I tried to bring that 80’s feeling back and I took that theme to the drop as well.

FNT: How would you say “Payback” is different from other tracks in that style?

Sandro Silva: I would say Payback is more melodic in the break and it has a clear theme. It’s not just about one element with a big kick that keeps dropping, it has so much more going on.

FNT: Much has been made about the fact “Epic” was co-written by a ghost producer, Maarten Vorwerk. Do you think it is a big deal to use them?

Sandro Silva: Maarten was Quintino’s producer and they together contributed their part in “EPIC” but what you hear is mostly mine. I don’t have a ghost-producer, I produce all my tracks myself and will always do. Making music is my #1 passion.

About ghost-producers in general. It’s not a big deal at all, but people make a big deal of it. And you know why? Because a lot of DJs who have ghost producers won’t say it. That’s where the problem starts because people want to know what’s the truth and they are going to do everything to get a sort of answer. That’s where all the bullshit starts because the real truth is still unknown. Compare it with the pop-world. Being a DJ does not automatically mean you are a producer and vice versa. Do you really think all big pop stars produce/write their own music? Some do, but not all, same as in the EDM scene.

FNT: It is said that if you can play for a Dutch crowd, you can play for any crowd. Have you come across any other crowds that are as tough or close to being as tough as a Dutch crowd?

Sandro Silva: I did a lot of shows last 2 years and I had so many amazing crowds. If I would say who’s the hardest to please besides the Dutch crowd, I would go for Swiss. I love to play there, but it’s always a nice challenge to get the crowd going.

FNT: A lot is made of the age of a producer, especially young ones, including yourself. How important do you think it is for the public to emphasize age, notably youth, of a producer?

Sandro Silva: It is really important, because some people forget guys like us started producing and touring when we were really young and still are. You see so many new things all of the sudden when you are on the road and you have to fly more then people do in their life time. You really have to change your whole life to stay productive while you have days off to work in the studio. The public only see the nice things of a young guy who is famous, but in order to be famous for a long time you have to work your ass off, that’s the reality.

FNT: Laidback Luke was such an important mentor to you as a young producer. Have you had the chance to act in that role to anybody else?

Sandro Silva: I’m really trying to focus and help young guys who are talented and stand out when they send me promo’s! As we are really focussing on our career right now, I definitely want to take this role to another level when I’m older.

FNT: We hear you are a shopaholic. What is the craziest thing you have ever bought?

Sandro Silva: I am! I love it and I enjoy doing that. I haven’t done any really crazy stuff yet, but If I buy clothes and shoes I always end up with an empty credit card lol!

FNT: One thing people would not expect about you?

Sandro Silva: I’m actually not an outgoing type, so I love it when I’m home behind my television watching soccer (my favorite sport).

FNT: What do you have coming up?

Sandro Silva: We have a lot of big releases coming up. First ones are one on Doorn Records (Spinnin) and the other one on Calvin Harris his label, Fly Eye Records. Can’t wait!

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