Kid Slim & K.Weezy – Tour Van Jams

Posted by on November 2, 2013

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see Kid Slim open up for Fresh New Tracks legend, SoMo. To put my experience lightly, it was cathartic. Kid Slim was an artist who I had contact with early in his career when his music was not blog-ready. To see his progression is one of the most fabulous things I’ve experienced. After I told him his music was not good enough to be on our site, I now tell you all that his music is quite good enough to be on this site. His latest mixtape, Freshman 15, was phenomenal, and his stage presence in undeniable.

One of my favorite segments from the show was when he and his DJ/producer K.Weezy, switched it up a little and hit the fans with a cover of “Best I Ever Had.” The girls, and myself, went crazy. K. Weezy did a phenomenal job on the strings and Kid Slim surprised everyone with a voice I would never have expected from the 6 foot 8 man. We have been blessed with a full version of their impromptu jam on last weeks edition of “Tour Van Jams,” which can be found above. If you’re in the mood for a couple of laughs, check out the cover of “I Like Big Butts” below. Kid Sim has come a long way, and he’s going to go a lot farther, so hop on while you can!

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