Boeboe – Buy Sell Bye Cell EP

Posted by on November 1, 2013

Boeboe - Buy Sell Bye Cell EPW8 showed me this incredible EP last night. In fact, I lost a game of chess to him to write this, haha. The opening track, “Negative Roi”, is the absolute winner for W8 and myself. The Bun B sampling is a nice touch to the bouncy bass that pounds in on your ears. “Denim” has a sexy kick, Boeboe packed it in nice and tight with all the different bass sounds used. In a way it gives off a bit of a spooky vibe, finishing off a little more abstractly but in a tasteful fashion. The third track, “Yeah Right” seems to be the clear top track on this EP with most fans. It starts out in a typical festival Trap style, which isn’t really what I’ve been into trap wise, but I cannot deny that this tune makes me bump hard. For me “Silly Boy” is the weakest link on this EP, just sounds like your typical festival Trap track. A little boring if you ask me. “Cabbage Patch” came as a big surprise, I wasn’t expecting it to go as hard as it does. I absolutely love the rolling chords in the bridge leading to the the second drop. Fantastic. Despite “Silly Boy” I really enjoy listening to the diversity Boeboe has on this EP.


Beatport: Boeboe – Buy Sell Bye Cell EP

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