Culprate – The Great Expedition EP

Posted by on May 27, 2013

Culprate - The Great Expedition EPThis has to be one of the best EPs of 2013. Culprate is one of the most underrated artists in the EDM world, and the fact that the main population has not caught on to his music is disappointing. Culprate kicks off his EP with an epic melody of bass. “Scarred” has been sitting in his arsenal for a while now and once fans discovered he was finally releasing it, everyone went nuts, myself included. Dubstep currently is one of the most disappointing genres in electronic music, but it is artists like Culprate and tracks like “Scarred” that give me hope. His second track “Eddys” shows the abstract side of bass music that Cuprate can’t seem to stay away from. I will agree it’s not for everyone, but it is something worth dipping your ears into. Continuing the abstract flow, “Talk To Frank” is definitely one of my favorites from this EP. Maksim spits better than I have ever heard him before and the fact the instrumentals aren’t the easiest to lay his grimy verses over makes this a truly insane tune.

There is an interesting story behind the track “McFunk”, it is actually 1 of 4 collaborations Culprate did with the duo, Torqux. By the time the tracks were completed, Culprate took this incredible funky House tune and let the duo keep the other 3 tracks, what guy. Makes you wonder though, what do the other 3 soound like? When it comes to Dubstep and Midtempo styled bass music, Cuprate takes the win often, but this last track on the EP was something that I don’t think his fans even expected to hear. Collaborating with Addergebroed, Culprate layed out some of the best Techno I have heard in a long time. “Reboot” is exactly what it’s named, it is the revival of one of the most legendary genres. If this track doesn’t inspire more artists to look back at Techno, then it may in fact finally be outdated, but for now just enjoy the greatness.

All in all, this EP is absolutely amazing. I would love to see Culprate top charts with this, he is more than deserving with these great productions.


Beatport: Culprate – The Great Expedition EP

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