Truth – Love Shadows EP Pt.2 + Exclusive Interview

Posted by on September 21, 2012

One of my favorite duo’s is back with their last installment to cap off the release of their free LP that was given away in two EP’s. Truth has been supplying some well rounded material for these EP’s showing us everything from Garage style, to dark dubstep, to the heavy grimy material. Featured on this EP is one of their highly anticipated releases, and that is their collaboration with Datsik entitled Too Late. It is hard to single out a favorite on this EP for me being that each track exposes a different side of what this dynamic duo can produce. The use of deep dark sounds is what appeals to me the most about their style of production as well as the slow tempos and unique sounds. The EP is must have for all dubstep fans so grab it off their soundcloud as well as support their social medias provided in the links below. Read on below to check out our interview with this outstanding duo.

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Short Bio:

“We’re Truth, music production duo from New Zealand. We’ve been making beats together for over 10 years. Right now we’re San Francisco based, but are always touring, just as much at home in a hotel room as our own homes.”

Every artist has a different introduction into producing, what was yours?

“The two of us met going to Drum n Bass gigs in Christchurch, New Zealand. At the time, we’d both been dabbling in production a bit. Dre was making DnB with another guy, and they were getting some radio play on the local student stations. Tristan was also working on Drum n Bass at the time. We first got together as a group when we decided to throw a gig together. It went really well, and eventually our promotion company grew into one of the biggest in NZ, organizing tours for many of the big DnB artists coming to NZ from overseas. Around the same time we decided to start experimenting with making music together… it worked really well, and so we decided to stick with it.”

What other genre’s of music do you enjoy listening to besides Dubstep?

“We listen to a bunch of stuff. Hip Hop, Triphop, Jazz, Indie, 80s shit, synth music… all kinds…”

Is there any one artist or music group who’s style inspired you more than others when you first started producing?

“When we first started we were really inspired by DnB producers like High Contrast, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, London Electricity. Those guys were really on to something dope, with more musical elements in their music. Of course, we were also really into people like Ed Rush & Optical, Bad Company, Konflict, Ram Trilogy, Photek…. and I think those are the early producers who have influenced our style now more than any. Having said that, some of our more minimal tracks definitely give a nod toward the minimalism of a lot of Calibre’s work.”

What up and coming artist that not many people know about would you say is going to make it big in the future?

We’ll give you three…

“Kaiju, these guys are killing it and can only get bigger from here in! Tight production values, but also very musical. Crushington, great producers with their own style and definitely one to watch. Content, simply has dope sub-bass manipulation skills… warm, heavy and simple all in one.”

For the aspiring producers who are probably wondering about your productions and what builds them, what DAW or software do you use, what are your favorite synths and plugins, Mac or PC?

“PC. We use Fruity Studio as a DAW, but as you probably know, it’s all about the VSTs you use. We have a few favourite synths and plugins, and a few secrets as well!

There are the obvious synths like Massive, Alchemy, Omnisphere, Absynth etc which have some good presets, but you can really get some great sounds once you delve a bit deeper and start getting into the synthesis properly.

As far as plugins are concerned, it’s really a matter of personal taste as there are so many good ones out there. But it’s important for anyone starting out to master the basics: EQ, distortion, reverb, compression. Or if not master, at least play with and see what happens!”

Some artists set a goal to make music that can be danced to, is that something you consider when working on a project?

“Any producer will tell you, there usually comes a point in the production of any track where you can’t help but get up and jump around the room a little bit. Our goal has always been to make tunes which sound great in the club setting, but can also be appreciated at home, in headphones, at work, in the gym…. wherever. With the “Love’s Shadow” album, all the tracks have had extensive testing stage in clubs and festivals around the world and work well in that setting… with the exception of a couple of slightly more experimental tracks, where the target is probably more the home listener.”

If you had to describe your sound to a new listener, how would you describe it to them?

“Interms of style, our productions can vary quite widely, but keep within the Dubstep genre. We more often stay on the darker side of things with our music and a lot of our tunes have been influenced by horror movie soundtracks and cinematic values generally. Our music is sub-heavy, with an emphasis on the bassline, and most of our music is best appreciated on a proper soundsystem.”

Of all your productions so far, which one is your favorite and why?

“That’s is a hard question, as we’re proud of all of our productions for various reasons. Each track is unique to us in it’s own way, and when you have spent so much time on the music, all objectivity is thrown away… we wouldn’t bother to finish a track unless we really like it!

A lot of the material off the new album has been going down really well at our shows. Tracks like “Love’s Shadow”, “Radiation” and “Debt Bruv” get great reactions on the dancefloor!

Our recent releases have had some really good feedback, especially as they are slightly more minimal and moody. “Dreams” which came out recently on Tempa always gets a great reaction and is a definite favourite. The same can be said for “Babylon London” and “Haarp” which dropped on Artikal recently, both get a noticeable reaction in the club!

Some of our recently finished unreleased dubplates have been going great! “Devil’s Hands” has been getting a huge response, and is something a bit different from what we normally make!

All that being said, perhaps “The Fatman” & “Stolen Children” stand out the most of all our music, simply because they were our first dubstep signing (on Deep Medi of all labels!) and ended up becoming a classic release within the genre.”

If you could collaborate with one artist in EDM currently who would it be and why?

“Right now there are just so many talented individuals and artists out there, and we want to make music with them all… there really is some amazing talent.

If we could pick anyone, from any time, it would probably have to be Ed Rush & Optical in the “Wormhole” era. Or, if we could reunite Bad Company from about the time they made “Inside the Machine”.. that would also work!”

What do you want people to walk away with when listening to your music?

“It’s up to the listener what they take away from music, and we encourage people to interpret our music in their own way.

On a superficial level, we want people to go away thinking “Damn, what dope beats”, we want to move people in some way. If it’s from a gig we want them to have had a great time, having fun to the music and experiencing it how it was meant to be experienced.

Going a bit deeper, especially with the “Love’s Shadow” album. For us the message is that everything has a shadow, we all have a dark side, there is always more than one side to the story. So if you want the truth, you need to dig deeper.”

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