Rey Marrasquin: They Inspire

Posted by on June 28, 2012

After discovering Rey Marrasquin almost a year ago, I was instantly captivated by his unique style of visual art. Rey’s creative process goes a little something like this: he hops on the his favorite music website (FNT of course!) and finds an inspirational track. With his creative juices now steadily overflowing, Rey creates a masterpiece, and best of all… he films the entire process.

Watching his growth over the past year and thoroughly enjoying each of his new videos made me realized that FNT needed to get a piece of the action, before it was too late. The video above features the mural that we commissioned to hang in the FNT headquarters. Something tells me that you might recognize a few of these bright stars of the EDM galaxy…

Hungry for more?! Thought so, check out his YouTube channel for more videos, or to enjoy a few of our favorites

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