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Posted by on May 2, 2012

After seeing Emalkay live during Nocturnal Wonderland here in Texas, I can honestly say this tune absolutely smashes crowds and stages. I need a release date for this tune ASAP, because I can only listen to these rips for so long. Emalkay took my MVP out of all the performers during Friday of the festival, and this tune was probably the determining factor. Really hoping we get some more tunes from this guy soon. I’m happy to say we FINALLY have a new track from Killsonik that was released out of no where yesterday. After only releasing one remix for Nero last year these guys were never heard from again until recently. Having their new single put up on UKF dubstep as well promoting the release of their EP, “Blood Lust” , on May 28th. I will give it to them though, this is a killer remix.

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Mach has been eagerly awaiting the release of this next remix by Stepsonics. I had never heard of him before this, but what a way to be introduced. The track has a nice buildup which slowly levels off to where everything goes silent. Next thing you know you get slapped in the face by the drop. Take this as your warning.

We are slowly seeing more and more material emerging from the Never Say Die camp. After their two track remix EP released last week as well as Skism’s remix a few weeks before that; now everyone awaits the release of this drumstep remix of Hadouken’s Parasite. Who wouldn’t want a remix from Skism AND Zomboy. From what I have heard Zomboy has a EP in the making, so looking forward to hearing some of his new bits in the upcoming months.

How many artist do you know that can take Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up aka Rick Roll’d theme song and create a sick glich hop remix over the vocals? I can only think of one and that is the 17 year old producer, Teknian. I’m not going to lie I would like it to just be an instrumental, but either way the beat is dope.

Next up is an artist I have been following and keeping in contact with for a while now, but nobody knows of the talent this guy really has. I think the original to this track was top notch, until I heard this remix by Andrew D. This guy really has no boundaries, dropping tracks through all genres that just keep blowing me away. Whenever I asked him to let me know when he finished this track, he told me if he ever does….. You can imagine the face I made; something along these lines 0_0. Check out this tune and let him know your thoughts in the comments and encourage him to finish this amazing remix!

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