R Rated #20

Posted by on March 15, 2012

You all know what this about, let’s get started. This first track is a VIP (Variation In Production) from Eliminate. I know his music for being filthy and ear shattering. This VIP of his does just that, with the need to change your pants afterwards.

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Chasing Fire Drumstep VIP [Bass Drop Records Exclusive Free Download] by EliminateDubstep

It was only two weeks ago since we posted up a track from these up and comers in R Rated. Their VIP mixes are crazy, this one starts out in a slow fashion then they really take off with some filthy wobbles.
Nightmare & NICMOR – Bassdrop VIP (FREE DOWNLOAD!) by Nightmare & NICMOR

A few months ago, not a soul knew who Popeska was. If you are a dubstep fanatic, Popeska is now a household name for you. Dropping original works constantly in a quality fashion, Popeska does not disappoint…ever.
  Popeska – Laisne by Popeska

Sound Remedy has been dropping some amazing tracks as of recent, this remix was completely unexpected. I never could have imagined a dubstep remix of this Supremes classic, nor could I have imagined the cool wobbly drop following.
The Supremes – You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Sound Remedy Remix) by Sound Remedy

I had no idea who Street Lurkin was until I heard this freebie from Play Me. I was bumping out to it in my car yesterday with no clue what exactly I was listening to. The drop isn’t crazy or fast, but it is original and really cool sounding. I could listen to this track for hours.
Street Lurkin- Night Riders (PLAY ME FREEBIE) by Play Me Records

Vaski making another sick remix since his Climax remix. Been a while since he has made consecutive dope drops like this, glad to see he brought it.
  Peso (Vaski Remix) by Vaski

This has to be my favorite track on R Rated this week. Stereohype started making this remix as a joke and it became this serious beast that we have now. The vocal sound sick, and I love the stringed orchestra synth.
Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (Stereohype Dubstep Remix) by stereohype

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