Aspects – Yes Please (Prod. by Akira Kiteshi)

Posted by on March 5, 2012

Hip-hop might not be as good as it use to be in the US, but I think the UK does a crazy job keeping it alive. I mean sure up and comers aren’t doing half a bad job like Logic, Kinetics, not Mac Miller (kid needs some new subject matter), and not Sam Adams (No offense Sam. I love your tunes, but hip-pop isn’t hip-hop). Hip-hop isn’t just rhyming because you can, otherwise you would see my name up on this post. Countless people telling me they just listen to hip-hop beats now, thats half the track what about the rest of it? You have to have a good flow and a decent story to tell. Love that grimy feel you get from the UK rappers like what you get from this Aspects track, enjoy.
Aspects – Yes Please by Aspects

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