Ian van Dahl – Castles In The Sky (The Frim Remix)

Posted by on March 4, 2012

Big ups to Gabe for sending me this track because I was completely caught off guard when I saw the title. We all listened to this track back in the day, but now we can come out of secrecy when we do. While the original vocals are still intact, the drop will blow you away so be warned. The Frim is a producer who has been flying under the radar, but has had his tracks noticed and played by some of the big names today. Bassnectar used to drop one of his well known remixes, Minnesota- Bass Power(The Frim remix), about a year back that you can see HERE near the end of the video. Thats saying something, and not too long ago Skream and Benga said one of their favorite tracks at the time was an original by The Frim entitled High Technology Dub 6.


Download through his Facebook.

Castles In The Sky [The Frim remix] (download at facebook.com/thefrim) by The Frim

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