Sammy Adams Performs “Blow Up” on Conan

Posted by on January 19, 2012

Making his first major television debut last night, Sammy Adams performed his hit single, “Blow Up” off his forthcoming album dropping this spring. While some had concerns over his brief musical lull, the Sony/RCA signee shows no signs of slowing down with his recent “Into The Wild” mixtape serving as an appetizer before the album. Let’s talk about the verse at the end though. And I quote:

“I went from Boston to Cali/went from Cali to Paris/now I’m killing on primetime don’t try to compare us/team Coco or nothing/so shout out to the family/and the audience hear me I got the heat like Miami/Chillin’ on Conan, we roll from Massachusetts/never been on late night but now I’m up on my music/this dude he’s interviewing/this much air it’s just stupid/so I had to come through it’s Conan O’Brian let’s do it/yeah!”

Anyone else would have stuck to the script. Anyone else would have been to scared to go outside the box on their first national television appearance. Just rollin’ like a boss. That’s why we’ll always support and respect Sammy Adams. He’s never afraid to roll the dice. This is why we’ve been preaching the Sammy Adams gospel since day one. As Sam continues his meteoric rise, don’t be surprised to see him at the top of the charts this year. 2012 could be his biggest year yet.

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