The Weeknd Uses Sheldon Scott’s “Little Bit” Produced by T-Minus

Posted by on December 10, 2011

In 2009, an artist by the name of Sheldon Scott, hailing from Toronto, Canada, appeared in our inbox as many song submissions do. This submission was different from the rest. Sheldon appeared to have no Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace (Yes, in 2009 Myspace was still being used) despite being connected with some of the biggest producers and artists in Toronto. His songs were pop perfection, incorporating poignant lyrics and catchy melodies. He was an enigma, and still remains one today.

In the submission, sent around 2009, was a track entitled, “Little Bit”, a T-Minus produced guitar-driven ballad presumably dedicated to that special someone in his life. This was not the only T-Minus produced track that we received from Sheldon at the time. Every song he sent us blew us away. We couldn’t help but think: how is this man not signed? We had heard rumors that Sheldon had been offered numerous recording contracts, but turned them down because the terms weren’t to his liking. Sheldon seemed to be in no rush to sign to a major label despite their repeated interest in him.

Fast forward to 2011. Toronto native, Abel Tesfaye, also known as the Weeknd, had made his meteoric rise with the help of Drake’s brand manager, Oliver El-Khatib. The Weeknd had been rumored to be not only working with Ill Angelo, but also Boi-1-da and T-Minus. It’s no secret that The Weeknd’s music is in high demand, as evidenced by the pre “House of Ballons” and “Thursday” leaks that have given us a glimpse into his early creations before his signature sound was carefully crafted.

Just last night, an old Weeknd track hit the blogosphere entitled, “Party” that seemed eerily similar to Sheldon Scott’s upbeat “Little Bit” produced by T-Minus. Interestingly, The Weekend can be heard rapping on the track he seems uncomfortably out of place on. The track gives us a glimpse of a more primitive Weeknd, struggling to find his sound while simultaneously trying to make radio friendly records. Although we can’t get any confirmation from the Weeknd’s camp as to when the song was recorded, anyone with hearing capability can tell that it’s produced by T-Minus.

While it seems we’ll never know whether or not Sheldon’s “Little Bit” was originally a reference track for The Weekend, it’s an extremely interesting find that leaves many questions unanswered. What it does tell us, however, is that many of your favorite up and coming artists (like Sheldon Scott) can progress in a short period of time like the Weeknd did, catch a break, and reach critical acclaim. Every artist is truly one hit or project away from greatness.

Below, I’ve included both tracks side by side for you to preview and compare. Who had the best version? I think Sheldon Scott took it. Voice your opinions in the comment section below.

DOWNLOAD: Sheldon Scott- Little Bit


DOWNLOAD: The Weeknd- Party


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