Timeflies Tuesday: Predictions

Posted by on September 27, 2011


HOT off their highly successful The Scotch Tape mixtape, the boys are back this week to drop some NFL knowledge on you fools. I got to say, I totally agree with Cal’s statement about Chris Johnson… the dude is totally screwing me over in my fantasy league.

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  • AtxSlay3r

    dude yall are the shit, why dawg anyone you don’t need to. Your shit is the bomb, i promo you all the time at tx state. to everyone the rugby team loves your beats don’t fall to this battle shit talking bad about anyone. Your rimes are ill your shit is promo to all beats your flow is flawless don’t be another ass and speak bad about anyone just saying. Respect to you and your boys… keep flowing like you have don’t fall short of what you do. that’s all.