Kobalos – Craving la Playa

Posted by on September 16, 2011

Vamos a La Playa has been a guilty pleasure of mine since my early days as a budding blogstar, so when this insane mashup showed up in my inbox, I was immediately hooked. Folks, this one has it all, an epic supporting track, dubstep, and even a little sprinkle of Waka Flocka. For more Kobalos, check out his SoundCloud and facebook. Oh and make sure you check out the video for the original song…too epic.

Download: Kobalos – Craving la Playa

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  • Kwame J Kilpatrick

    this sucks! vamos a los levels is 100x better, and judging from facebook likes this dude probably jacked the vamos idea from the friendly giant, vamos a los levels has been on blogs for days and then this one just pops up

  • Abebeast429

    It looks like kobalos uploaded craving la playa a month ago, but vamos a los levels came out yesterday. craving la playa didn’t just pop up.