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Posted by on June 27, 2011

Upcoming Afrojack & Steve Aoki = Always dope.

So sorry about the lack of posts on my part, my internship has been working me. Middys doing a sick job on the House though, so def take a look at his posts if you haven’t already.

This track has that feel good electro vibe. I’m going to throw a rare MUST DOWNLOAD tag on it, soundoff in the comment section with your thoughts on the post. 4.9/5
DOWNLOAD: Enej – Radio Hello (Paul Johns Remix) – MUST DOWNLOAD

Sick jam from my man Alex Kidd, takes a little while to build up (drops around 1:52), but solid track. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: Alex Kidd (USA) – Demented (Original Mix)

Nice electro starts at 1:45. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: Nik Raze & Alon Mor – Faster (Original Mix)

Solid electro jam from Electro legend Antoine Clamaran. If you like to party, start around 2:44. 4.25/5
DOWNLOAD: Antoine Clamaran & Laurent Pautrat – Somebody Scream (Original Mix)

First 35 seconds are weak, but after that, solid electro. 4/5
DOWNLOAD: Kei Morton – In Your Eyes (Radio Mix)

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  • DEM

    enej – thank god its only a 90 second build. those vocals kill me. nice sax jam though, the dropped beat fills in the cracks left by the vocals well, good pick.

    alex kidd – from my initials, this song deserves the must download. im hitting the beach tomorrow and this song will definitely be accompanying some highway driving. the dubstep vibes stab a little bit, but ill take them. very nice.

    nik raze – those synths are so damn repetitive, the build is kinda whack, but it drops hard and unforgivingly.i think a 4.5 is high, but still quality (for not being the most original of songs)

    clamaran – when i think of music you listen to, this basically describes it the best that a single song can. educated builds, loud synths, and a relentless dj screaming over a simple drum beat. a song this intense might need an edit though, the length can make the trigger happy a little embarrassed.

    kei morton – back to some basics. nothing flashy about this song. nothing wrong with it either. its just a typical song. best i can say. it almost seems like it needs to be kicked in the pants a little bit. and those your eyes vocals arent doing any favors. rightfully put last in the post.

    those are my initial impressions, get req’d.