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Posted by on May 26, 2011

I honestly don’t have much respect for Asher Roth, especially after his unnecisary hate on Mac Miller and the other ‘freshmen.’ Since “I Love College” I haven’t thought of much of Asher until i listened to this track today. He keeps a tight flow moving on the track and Akon as a backup turned out to be a great descision.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth Ft. Akon – Last Man Standing

Trying to hate B.o.B. isn’t possible. I have tried, yet he always seems to catch my attention with tracks like this. He always seems to kill it with remixes and who would have honestly thought he would have picked this track. He did a good job per usual with this one.

DOWNLOAD: One Republic – Good Life (Remix) Feat. B.o.B

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  • CJ

    Asher can hate on whoever he wants, he’s the realest MC in the game.

  • Jon

    dude shut the fuck up CJ, this the first good song he has put out since i love college

  • CJ

    Jon fuck you, even though he doesnt get on the best beats he has the best lyrics no doubt.

  • H

    Best lyrics? C’mon you don’t honestly believe that. Even Chris Webby throws words harder than Asher, but neither are majorly prevalent in the rap game today. There are lyrical masters in the game who never get the publicity they deserve because their words aren’t about Poppin bottles in duh cluuub, hip-hop doesn’t lay with Asher Roth. B.o.B on the other hand….dude can kill it on the mic.

  • Wow

    The fact that you, Jon, said this is his best song since “I Love College” proves you know absolutely nothing about hip-hop. Mac and Asher are completely different artists. I think Asher is more perturbed by the comparison to Mac, obviously due to skin color, than by Mac’s actual rapping. In his “Kidz These Days” song it seemed like Asher was addressing “Kidz” who compare the two rather than dissing Mac’s shallow lyrics.

  • Bobby

    let’s get some spell-check for the FNT website.

  • Rav

    Yea seriously, learn how to fucking spell Mach.

  • SMac

    Asher and Akon, sick combo. It’s nice to see Asher making good music again. It’s been awhile. B.O.B, Never dissapoints.