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Posted by on May 12, 2011

This track has DJ Khaled as the main artist, which really pisses me off. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t produce so I can’t see why he gets so much credit. As for the video, I think it speaks for itself, the guy is acting like hes some fitness guru when he has the physique of a penguin. As far as the track goes, I’m glad to see drizzy killing hooks again.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, & Rick Ross – I’m On One ILL…for the most part

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  • theres a pretty good piece on what category of “DJ” khaled falls into:


  • A

    Here are my general observations:

    1. Drake is going to come with an extremely strong album considering this effort. His last album was rushed, and we received a rushed product last go around.

    2. Lil Wayne has lost mystique. Cash Money knows that a sober Wayne isn’t as strong as a non-sober Wayne. In the song, you can hear him light up a blunt.

    Considering the terms of his probation, he can’t use drugs or alcohol for 3 years. He’s going to eventually end up back in jail. I don’t think we’ll ever see another Carter III.

    3. Rick Ross is still a boss.

  • hmm

    cmon A, you of all people should know that the lighter sound is wayne’s staple… it literally marks his entrance on like every song he does

  • ado

    this shit is.so.ridiculously.wack. music with some meaning rap, not grown men talking about how cool they are rap, please.

  • Bry

    That snare sounds cheesy as hell, drake’s hook is nice, wayne is eh, ross is good.

  • lewis

    Are you serious? khaled is the first in house producer for cash money since manny fresh. he is a beast. i think he is a tool but to say he doesnt produce is like saying drake doesnt rap

  • swagmcdizzle

    haha video is funny, i cant stand khaled

  • not important

    khaled doesnt fucking produce. he doesnt make beats, he doesnt rap, he doesnt write, he has very minimal involvement in the recording process.
    all he does is shout “we the best nigga!” (even though hes not black), and use the shitload of money he has to pay a bunch of A-list artists together to make hits he just signs off on.

    still u gotta respect him for making these hits happen. better than nothing.

  • A

    Let’s get some things straight because I’m tired of reading everyone’s amateur opinions which are full of misinformation.

    1. Khaled doesn’t produce, he doesn’t write, and he sure as hell doesn’t have any talent.

    2. Although Khaled is loosely signed to Cash Money, he’s an important tool for them because he’s the industry’s number one hype man.

    Here’s a little background. Khaled started out as influential DJ in Miami. That’s how he teamed up with the likes of Rick Ross and then later on w/ Wayne.

    The reason why he is around is because he’s a great promotional tool. Although he’s fun to laugh at, he’s caused everyone in this c-section to weigh in on him.

    3. To say that Khaled pays these people is flat out wrong. These are all favors that these people are doing in exchange for radio play and promotion. Khaled is paying anyone to be on his album.

    4. Finally, I don’t know how anyone can remotely hate on this song. I’ve been really let down with Wayne’s effort latley, but everyone on this song came with their best effort.

    Interestingly, however, this song solidifies in my mind that Drake is slowly beginning to pass Wayne. Wayne isn’t what he used to be, and his star seems to be shining a little less brighter these days.