ELECTRO | Haley, Hardwell, and The Jump Smokers

Posted by on January 14, 2011

It seems like every day the mainstream hip hop and rap industry assimilates marginally more to the electronic scene. In fact, we intentionally included the variety of genres you see today on FNT from the start because we thought and wanted this fusion to happen (not that we influenced that path at all, but it’s been a longstanding goal to offer a balance between the previously distinct genres). We’ve witnessed electro, techno, house, and now dubstep infiltrate the world that’s been untouched for years so I’m hoping the electro scene, with all its creativity, will influence the visual side of things and provoke a resurgence of music videos. The one above isn’t insanely good or creative but it’s a worthwhile watch because its not your average pool scene party that flaunts fast whips and gold chains. You don’t get to witness a skilled quad roller-skater weaving through traffic to the tune of a gorgeous girl everyday (yes, thats the Haley who’s featured on Kaskade’s tracks). If there were more videos like this I might actually watch MTV Videos.

DOWNLOAD: Haley – Physical

DOWNLOAD: Haley – Physical (Hardwell Remix)

Bonus Banger:

DOWNLOAD: Ricky Martin – The Best Thing About Me Is You (Jump Smokers Radio Edit)

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