Big Boi Concert Review

Posted by on September 11, 2010

Guest blogger Jefe rolls through to provide us with some coverage of a recent Big Boi concert…

What’s good people? They call me Jefe, and I’m just a humble music blogger with a brand new site – Bigger Than Hip Hop . I was front row at Big Boi’s concert last night, and my man GMONEY was kind enough to let me post my thoughts on the show and a couple videos here, where someone will actually watch them…

Outkast is the reason I love music, and in my emcee book, Big Boi is top 5 dead or alive (maybe top 10). He brings crazy energy when he performs, and nobody can dispute Outkast/Big Boi’s unbelievable music catalog. No question about it, Big Boi brought the hype last night and performed just about every track you could have hoped for.

So why was I let down? I expect more from an artist on stage these days. Take Wale as an example: he brought two fans on stage a couple weeks ago to film the show, was interacting with the crowd the whole time, and stuck around after to sign some autographs. Is that the norm? No. Should it be? Maybe. Thanks to Twitter/social media, it feels like there is less of a barrier between artists and their fans. Or at least it’s a lot easier to cross that barrier. But is it really fair to expect constant interaction between an artist and their fans? Hell no. Everyone needs their space, right? Well, Big Boi’s space is the stage, and he owned it. So I’m sorry Big, I wasn’t disappointed, I’m just spoiled.

If you want to watch the whole show, head over to my blog Bigger Than Hip Hop and sound off in the comments with your thoughts (here or there).

If you’re lazy or don’t want to fall prey to my shameless plugs, here is another highlight.

Daddy Fat Sax – one of my favorite cuts off of Sir Lucious Leftfoot.

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