Chiddy Bang Freestyle

Posted by on September 4, 2010

Chiddy Bang – Translation Freestyle from Kibber Films/Jackpot in the West on Vimeo.

Chiddy Bang stopped by Jay-Z and Steve Stoute’s marketing agency, Transition LLC and spit a (actual) freestyle. Xaphoons on the keys and mixes that beat on the spot; these kids are so talented its ridiculous. Theres nothing more when I hate kids say they’re freestyling and they drop metaphors even drake couldn’t think of. You can hear him hesitate and flow with things in the room (steve stout, when the guy drops a coin, and steve stout) and then even ask for topics to rap with and still keeps it sick I’ve got too much respect for how sick this (actual) freestyle is, oh and he goes for 7 minutes by the way. (Shout out to dan bingyou aka Mr. Varsity)

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