Alternative, Chill | Dream Koala – Saturn Boy

Posted by on April 30, 2014

Dream Koala dropped this track today for free to show off what is to come on the new EP called “Earth. Home. Destroyed.” coming out on May 7th. According to Dream Koala, “the storyline paints a future where all the animals disappeared from Earth, where the oceans are devouring the continents and where the harmony of nature was broken by humans” on the new EP. “Saturn Boy” is chill and ambient with really interesting lyrics. Mellow and calming, this track is a great addition to any alternative collection.

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Free Download: Dream Koala – Saturn Boy

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Alternative, Ambient | Dream Koala – Odyssey

Posted by on August 5, 2013

Dream Koala - Odyssey“This track is inspired by a dream I had where I died in a plane crash. “Odyssey” comes from the travels of Ulysse – his fear of never coming back home & never reaching his ambitions. It’s a track about deception and the fear of death, the fear of never accomplishing your goals.”

– Dream Koala

This is an incredibly beautiful track with a dark story behind it, making this quite the emotional track to seep into your ears.

Dream Koala

Free Download: Dream Koala – Odyssey