Bass | DEMUR’s “Fight No Longer” Marks End Of Hiatus For LA-Based Artist

Posted by on June 26, 2020

One artist that certainly is not afraid to distance himself from PC culture is, DEMUR, a rebel-leaning based influenced DJ/producer coming out of Los Angeles.

Yet, you may have heard of his name before.

In the mid-2010s DEMUR was active as a multimedia embracing musician – doing a podcast, releasing music, shows, and focusing on brand building. With one of his social media post even getting over 1.3K likes on Facebook featuring a Billboard article.

To say people have been waiting for this guy to return is a understatement, “Fight No Longer” is just the beginning of it will be a multi year endeavor containing surprises and announcements alike.

Bass | DEMUR Drops Music Video For New Single “Tell Me Your Secrets”

Posted by on October 10, 2017

DEMUR has released what seems to be the first in a new series of releases.”Tell Me Your Secrets” being the opening chapter, paired with a Halloween music video that gives an ode to some of the best horror flicks of our time. The term “banger” doesn’t do this single justice. DEMUR goes above and beyond what the typical bass fan would expect, showcasing a cataclysmic, monstrous dropped with a flailing, slurring melody. The single feels industrial and gritty while still providing plenty of catchy melody to latch on to. If this is DEMUR’s return, I’m into it.

Bass, Chill | DEMUR Shows A Softer Side With “Stairs”

Posted by on October 11, 2016

DEMUR is at it again. With an edgy anarchist feel, the somewhat mysterious DJ/producer has released a new original entitled “Stairs”. The single is one of my favorites, containing some of the most melodic and catchy sounds that he is released yet.

A quick peek at his socials shows that he begun selling posters that resemble his brand, and is also starting a podcast series, the details of the new show is unknown at this point.

One thing I have to give DEMUR major credit for is that he’s actually different and seems like he’s trying to start somewhat of a new sound, props to that, check out DEMUR’s SoundCloud for more insight into his world.


Electronic | DEMUR Strikes Again With Controversy, Releases New Song

Posted by on July 21, 2016

DEMUR is climbing the ranks in American dance music. Based out of LA, the propaganda-themed artist who isn’t particularly open about his identity, has shared a handful of graphic art pieces, as well as songs, that clearly call out elements that occur in the industry that he isn’t pleased with.


Bass | DEMUR Unleashes “Rebel-Club” Original “Traumatized (feat. Galvanize)”

Posted by on June 9, 2016


(verb): To voice opposition

DEMUR is looking to stir shit up a bit. His music is one part of a greater picure. Recent Facebook posts show him firing shots at sell out DJs, ghost produced producers, and other annoying aspects of the scene.

“Traumatized (feat. Galvanize)” is basically hard rock and heavy club sounds colliding. Nice to hear someone who is trying something significantly different. This won’t be the last from one of LA’s newest electronic acts.

Learn more about DEMUR here.